Can U Believe He Got Me Pg On Purpose

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redphoenixx10468 - February 2

Had s_x with my X. He originally had a vasclip (birth control for men). I asked if he still had it and then found out days later, he took it out. He told me he had it right before we had s_x because I asked. Then days later he told me he took it out a month ago. I know I was ovulating that day we had s_x. I'm nervous because I don't know what he was thinking and have no idea what I'm going to do if I am. I think he intentionally would want me to get pregnant. Ladies...what's going on here!?!?!?


sye - February 2

question...why did you have s_x with your ex?


Angela - February 2

another question... why IS he your ex and maybe that will point out some clues as to why this could have happened.


LN030905 - February 2

That sounds rough, babe. First of all, if your not ready to be pg or if your not ready to be pg BY HIM...which Im guessing ur not bc he is ur x...then I would suggest slugging him....but thats just me. Honestly I dont know w hat you should do. Try not to panic until you take a test...and If I were you Id stay away from him.Good luck!


soimpatient - February 3

I wouldn't worry about it until you get a BFP. It isn't that easy to get pregnant so chancess are you aren't. Trust me, I've been ttc for quite a while. As for the jerk, I agree with LN...I'd slug him!


m - February 3

I agree that he shouldn't have lied to you. But to be perfectly honest, having unprotected s_x was your decision, too. Therefore, it is a little unfair to place it all on him. If you are, you'll just have to deal with it together. After all, you BOTH made the decision to have s_x, unprotected at that. I'm not trying to sound harsh here, I'm just saying if you are pregnant, it is because of a decision you made, regardless of what he told you. I hope it all works out for the best. Good luck!


sye - February 3

i totally agree with was both your decision to have unprotected s_x and in my opinion, having s_x with my X would be the last person i'd t hink of....


Tye - February 3

I'm wondering why you would risk it in the first place. Maybe you subconciously want to get pregnant?



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