Can U Get Pregnant After Sperm Hits Air

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Brook - July 1

I have a friend that is trying to trap her boyfriend. She said she took a condom of and went to the bathroom with it, can she get prgnant that way? I say no, but can anyone give me the tips for sure on that?


Misty - July 1

Yes, she can. That is sooo underhanded of her though. I feel bad for the guy she is with. I wouldn't even want to know your friend. But anyways. Just think, sperm donors are guys that go and ejaculate (sp) into a cup. The sperm bank collects it and does whatever with it to preserve it to use later to get women pregnant with. When this guy ejaculates into the cup though, the sperm hits the air then doesn't it? So yes yes and yes. Your friend would actually be able to get herself pregnant from doing this. And it should be illegal. What if he decides he doesn't want to stay with her? Then he has to pay child support for years because she is being sooo *bleeeep*. BOTH people need to want to have kids if that kid is going to be brought into a good enviorment where it will always be loved and looked after. Gosh. your friend is so stupid and selfish. Really makes me mad. She just can't see past her own wants and needs can she.


jb - July 1

Yes, she probably can if she was ovulating any time soon to when she did that. Its not a good idea though. She will then have any attachment to that guy for the rest of her life. Believe me in my work I see custody battles all the time, and they get ugly!!!!


Beccah - July 1

Brook, this doesn't sound like a friend to me. You need to tell her boyfriend what she's doing b/c it is WRONG and she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. Just think, if she does get pregnant then you will have to be there for her through all those emotions and probably be asked to babysit etc. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about! She'll thank you later when she realizes that she was being selfish!



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