Can Using Ky Lubricant Lead To Pregnancy

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irene - March 7

I always experience dryness in my va___a even after prolong foreplay. We therefore resort to using KY lubricant. I wish to know by applying KY, is there still possibility to attain pregnancy? Anybody out there encountered such scenario before? I am eager to know.


jane - March 7

Hi Irene! We use lubricant too and couldn't get pregnant. Our doctor told us to stop the use while I was ovulating, and the first month we tried this we got pregnant!!!


tiffani - March 7

I believe KY contains spermicide (to kill off sperm), which makes it difficult, but not impossible to get pregnant. There may however be a KY that does not contain it.


KM - March 7

I was thinking the same tiffani, most lubes( and some condoms )contain spermicide.


E - March 7

Astroglide is water-based and does not contain spermicide. We concieved with it, three times:) I never had egg-white CM. It even tastes good. Oh oh. Too much info?


S- - March 7

No, if you use that, it blocks the sperm. They recommend not using any lubricant if trying to conceive.


Erin - March 7

I have been told the lubrication does not provide the best environment for the sperm. Same thing goes for saliva too. It doesn't have spermicide, but the sperm is less mobile and needs to be in the eggwhite cm, rather than lubricant. But sure, it can be done of course. Anything is possible.


rae - March 7

there is a lubricant called pre-seed. if you're ttc and have a dryness issue i definately suggest looking this up on the web. its ph balanced and is supposed to be used with couples ttc because other lubricants may create an unhealty environment for sperm which means theyll all die. hope this helps.


jenny - March 7

no ky can block sperm look for pre seed it is a lub for people trying to get pregnant.


E - March 8

Not everyone has egg-white CM and those women NEED a lubricant as a medium for the sperm. Again, KY may not be the best brand but there are plenty of other brands that are safe for sperm when ttc. How else will they swim???



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