Can We All Just Get Along

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just an idea - September 9

Did your mom not teach you......."If you can't say anything nice.....DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL". It's really that simple. Let's all just agree to not respond to threads, unless we are willing to be supportive and nice with our responses.


sure - September 9

when people learn to accept other people's opinions


oh brother - September 9

Just an idea, I am with you...but you know that starting this thread is just going to lead to 'another one of those threads'. Pathetic but true...


to THUMPER - September 9

is it possible ? I doubt it because I try to be nice and sometimes I go to great lengths to be polite ...reason is that many everyday people give amazing answers and very quickly too . I respect and appreciate that but sometimes some of the Q and A just gets me really annoyed .


I wish!! - September 9

(sp)Rodney King here. I tried that and got my as* beat......LOL.....Ok, it won't happen. Everyone has different opinions. Anyhoo, it would be boring if everyone have the same advice and comments...Wouldn't it?


tiffani~53 days to go!! - September 9

Come on ladies, group hug @ 9:45pm, eastern standard time. :o)


ha ha - September 9

it isn't possible i too get annoyed at some of these q&a 's the bottom line is we are going to be who we are


Mary - September 9

I for one dare to use my name when responding, no matter what I have to say. That is more than I can say from the people above me, who are what? Afraid someone will know your true opinions about things? Gosh, imagine that! Anyway, I believe in freedom of speech as long as it is real and genuine and not pure trolling. Not everything said in this board should be sugar coated, some people come here for honest opinions, and sometimes those are not nice and I appreciate honesty (but not cowardice btw).


I wish!! - September 9

Keekee here....Yeah Yeah Mary...heeehee...Please don't attack me..I had enough tonight(serious sad face).....Just kidding....Group Hug?? I with you Tiff...Hey, how about a kiss too. Hugs and Kisses!!!! .....Peace!!!


Mary - September 9

I missed the hug ... :( I was on the 3rd trimester board :) Hug to all of you ladies, please mind the belly! :)


to Mary - September 9

that's about where I loose it ! when people throw in the sugar coating knowing full well it's not beneficial to the person asking the question . I'm usually fine but when the sugar coating goes on and on and on .... I get annoyed .GOOD choice of words Mary those are the type of comments I appreciate and respect .


Mary - September 9

*blush* ... thanks for your comment, :). It is a nice way to end my night! Kisses!


to Mary - September 9

now go to bed before I get annoyed ... lol


MA - September 9

I agree with being allowed to state your opinion, but some people are down right rude. You can express your opinion w/o the hostility.


Mary - September 9

To Mary. Nobody knows who you really are. I can put Mary too, see? No last name, no address, no phone number. What you type in doesn't identify you so who cares what someone puts.


to MA - September 9

I doubt it although it would be nice if it could be that way because some people can take real serious issues and twist it up so bad one can't help but to speak up . ie The guy who wanted advice on how to abort his girl friends baby without her knowing about it . I don't believe you or I or anyone else wouldn't snap from time to time . Which is worse not making any comment in a situation like that or saying something (who knows?) Nice thought though MA


kEEKEE - September 10

To MA, you made some good points. Sometimes its hard not to get mad. Certainly when people make comments towards you for no reason but to start a bashing war. Sad but true. I honesty thing some people come on here to take out their anger out on people because they are not happy with their lives. Yes, i agree with everyone has a right to make their own opinion. I just don't agree with stalking/troll threads to mess with someone. Well ladies, have fun tonight......Mary, you're welcome.



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