Can Women Have A Full Term Baby Amp Not Know She Was Pregnant

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MEG - January 22

My step daughter just had a baby girl on Saturday, she never really gained weight that we could tell but then again we didn't see her on a regular basis we probably only saw her a handful of times she always claimed to be too busy and had no time. She is 20 years old, on Saturday early in the morning her mom called to let her Dad know she was in the hospital because she had had a baby we were floored because we didn't know she was pregnant. Anyway my step daughter claims she had regular periods, was taking birth control pills the entire time and that she didn't know she was pregnant however she had a full term baby weighing 5lb 6oz 18" long. She had gone to see her boyfriend at a motel and claims that she went to the restroom thinking she had to go to the bathroom, she said she pushed once thought she was constipated so pushed a second time and out comes a baby. CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? is this medically possible? or is she just not being honest with us. Very confused Step parent


sahmof3 - January 22

I have heard stories... even seen some pretty convincing interviews with people who say they didn't know until they were in labor, but I'm skeptical... I just don't see how that's possible lol.


Lexa - January 22

Apparently, it can happen but it is extremely rare. Usually the mothers do not have regular periods so they may not notice anything there, or they indeed continue to have periods like your step daughter. Also, there's a whole psychological aspect to it as well, mothers being in denial - subconsciously - so the body carries on as normal. This usually happens with babies born outside of current relationship, conceived through rape, teenage moms etc. It's hard to believe and it makes you wonder, but it can happen.


MEG - January 22

Thank you for your replies, I am skeptical too and feel very hurt that she would keep this from us and lie. How could she hide 5lb 6oz- 18" long baby, how could she not feel movement, how could she have her period for the 9 months how could she be taking birth control pills for 9 months and the baby have nothing wrong. As much as the health of the baby is of course a Blessing it's still unbelievable that this could be true, that's why my question I want to know if it's at all possible and if so maybe trust she's telling the truth. Does anyone know where I can go for a medical answer to all of the above question or if anyone has had this happen to them or know of somebody that has.


babymakes5 - January 22

I knew someone who used to work with teenage pregnancies on a special floor in the hospital. Girls would come in with cramping and when they were told they were pregnant, the girls would say they didn't know they were pregnant. I think some of it is denial and maybe just not being familiar with your body? I personally can't even imagine not knowing I was pregnant. The b/c thing would have be baffled as well. I wouldn't think that would be good for a baby. I think it may be one of those things that unless the step daughter comes clean or changes her story, you may never know the truth.....good luck. What does her mom say? Did she know about it at all?


stephva - January 22

I don't know where you could go to get the actual medical answers, but there was a girl when I was in high school who had a full term baby & noone had any idea that she was pregnant, including her (so she said) she went to the hospital for "really bad stomach cramps" and ended up with a baby girl. I also knew a girl in highschool who wanted to be pregnant so badly that she began to look & feel pregnant. She stopped having her periods, and her belly actually began to grow, but there was no baby. I supposed that if the mind can "trick" the body into thinking that there is a baby when there isn't...then it can also make you believe there is no baby when there really is. There is also another story from a few years ago in my area, a lady in her 30's who had had problems with her reproductive organs her whole life was told that she could never conceive. She had gotten to the point where instead of trying to treat the symptoms any longer, she had opted to have a hysterectomy. She had had 2 ultrasounds in the couple months leading up to her surgery, and was being seen by the Dr. on a regular basis. The morning she went in for the surgery (after they had put her under anesthesia) the surgeon decided to do one more ultrasound so he would have a better idea as to where to make incisions & what not & low & behold he found a 6 month old baby in her uterus. So she was 6 months along and had no idea because she was told that she could never have children & she had accepted that. they immediately cancelled the surgery & woke her up & told her. and at the time her story aired, her baby girl was almost a year old. I am sure that by 6 months she was feeling movement, but because she had been told & accepted the fact that she was not going to have any children, In her mind she either didn't notice the movements or rationalized them some other way. So, yes I believe it is possible to carry a baby without knowing you are pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - January 22

Sure, any emergency room will tell you stories of girls who come in saying "I don't know what's wrong with me, but I know I'm not pregnant". Delivering with no more than a hard push is not unheard of. Both together would be really rare, but still possible. Thanks for the post.


MEG - January 22

Thank you again to all that have replied, I greatly appreciate all information and comments. As I've mentioned in all of my e-mails the hurt and disbelieve is eating us (me) alive. I tell you guys it's hard and I guess too soon for us to be ok with it, this just happened Saturday and I'm still dealing with the roller coaster ride of emotions. Thanks for all the help and please continue to send me any and all information or comments you may have regarding this type of pregnancy.


lunamoo - January 22

Hi Meg, I understand your reasons for being upset, but at the end of the day, does it really matter if she knew or not...? You might never get the truth out of this one. I simply don't believe these stories that they never had any idea. Denial on her behalf could of course taken over to actually "convince" her that she was not pregnant. People can block the most painful truths and memories from their minds as a way to protect themselves. Anyway, congratulations! Maybe you're upset you are a grandmother already : )


MEG - January 22

lunamoo, I agree with your comment "at the end of the day, does it really matter if she knew or not...? " it really doesn't, the baby and her are healthy and that's what's important. However it's still overwhelming, as far as your comment " Maybe you're upset you are a grandmother already " I have disagree, becoming a grandmother does not bother me at all, in fact I was looking forward to the day when I got the special t_tle of grandmother...I just had higher expectations and plans for such a special day, that's all. Thank you for the congratulations I know that in time I will be enjoying it all, like I said it's too soon, and needed to vent and hear other's experiences. Sincerely, Step-grandma


pinkie - January 22

I've heard of it happening. A friend of mine didnt know she was pregnant until well into her 2nd trimester, but she wasnt really "big" until like her 8th month or so. She was still fighting in Tae Kwon Do matches until she found out she was pregnant (like I said that was in the 2nd trimester) ...delivered a healthy baby though


pinkie - January 22

oh and as far as going into labor and not knowing it, my grandma says she didnt know she was in labor with my uncle until it was almost time for him to "come out" and that was her 4th child! she says it was just such an easy labor that she thought it was just discomfort. So i guess I could see how first child, mild labor, you wouldn't know you were giving birth. I agree though about not even knowing you are pregnant to begin with could be a mixture of ignorance to your body and denial. With the friend I mentioned before, she got pregnant her first time having s_x...and a s far as I know shes clueless about her body. more or less a tomboy and a late bloomer. (got her period at 16, pregnant at 20) and her periods were irregular...


SaraH - January 23

While I can't understand this at all, there are many stories out there of it happening. My grandfather was part of the volunteer fire department/EMS service and last time I saw him he was telling me a story of a women who didn't know she was pregnant. Apparently they were called to a gas station/store as a woman was complaining of really bad abdominal pain. My grandpa said that she had a baby right there but that the whole time they were working w/ her she was saying "I'm not having a baby. I'm not pregnant." ---a baby came out though so.... As far as not knowing I don't have a clue how you could not know, but I certainly can't call all those women liars. The most unbelievable part is that the labor was so easy she didn't know that anything was going on, but again I certainly can't say she was lying about it. Who knows, but if that's true then all I can hope is that I'm as lucky as her when it comes to the labor.


stephva - January 23

Hi again, just wanted to point something out from personal experience about painless labor. When I was pregnant with my son, I actually started dialating at about 35 weeks...the Dr. kept saying that I would not make it to my due date. Although I was dialating I wasn't having ANY contractions...not even Braxton Hicks. I did infact make it to my due date & actually went past it. The Dr. decided to induce. The morning I arrived at the hospital for the induction, I was already 5cm dialated & 90% effacted and again, I still was not having any contractions. My contractions did not begin until Pitocin was administered via IV. If the Dr. had not decided to go ahead & induce it is quite possible I would have continued to dialate with no contractions, and would have been in a situation where I would not have know I was in "labor" until it was time to push. While it is rare, it does happened to me. By the way, I am scared to death that I am going to have a horrible labor this time because I got off so easy the first time...but thats what epidurals are for, right? Good Luck wishes.



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