Can You Color Your Hair During Pregnancy

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Kathleen - February 27

I just colored my hair and I am about 7 weeks, I read the directions and it didn't say anything about being pregnant and a friend told me I shouldn't have.


Maleficent - February 27

i colored mine just before we found out. i'm not stressing. most doctors advice you to wait till after the first trimester. i'm 12 weeks today and coloring agian. don't worry about it.


Val - February 27

I am not pregnant, but I am trying. I have asked about this, and have been told that as long as you are in a well ventilated area you should be okay. The safest coloring would be highlights since they do not get to the root and therefore it doesn;t really get into your system.


Lauren - February 28

I'm a hairdresser and I know there's been a lot of debate about colouring and perming hair during pregnancy. Personally, if you were a client of mine, I would advise you not to use chemical processes on your hair during the first trimester - there's no real evidence that it harms the foetus, but why gamble? Try asking your hairdresser if they have henna or vegetable dyes which you could use instead. Congratulations by the way x


Kathy - March 9

can you color your hair during pregnancy?


Loretta - March 9

i've read on websites that you shouldn't color your hair in your first trimester, but after that it should be ok


darksun - March 25

I asked my doc. He said the answer you get will depend on who you ask. He gave me the ok (I'm at 9 1/2 weeks) as long as it's in a ventillated room. My doula, however, said absolutely not. I think it's just up to you. Don't worry about it. All the women in my family have dyed their hair while pregnant and nothing bad has ever resulted from it. I did hear that even veggie dyes have these so-called dangerous chemicals in them. Has anyone else heard that?


#2 - March 25

I look like c___p but was told not to colour my hair. I have MANY friends who have and their baby's are fine. But I wouldn't risk it.


nicole - March 29

ive colored mine a lot and last time i went to the dr. she comented on liking it never said i shouldnt have done it



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