Can You Coulor You Hair When You Are Pregnant

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kirsty - October 30

I am nearly 4 months pregnant and i usually have my hair dyed every month, is it safe to colour your hair???


lisa - October 30

Hey, it is shown that dyeing your hair is safe however because of the different hormones your color may not come out the way it is supposed to


ra - October 30

good question ive been wanting to do over my highlights, im 7 mo. preg. can anyone answer please!


Jessica - October 30

I just had my hair highlighted and it looks great!! I have been doing it my whole pregnancy. My stylist says it is fine to do and also there is a pregnant stylist where I go who is still doing others hair (she is past her due date). I would say go for it!!


T - October 31

Yes it is perfectly healthy, i asked my dr at my first ob appt. cause my hair is dirty brown and have been coloring it dark red for the last 8 years. She said it is ok, not enough chemicals get through the scalp to do any go for it!


Beth - November 4

NO NO NO NO NO It's proven that the chemicals in hair dye are bad for the baby. First, breathing in the chemicals AND the chemicals tend to get into the bloodstream, not enough to harm you but enough to cause a miscarriage or a slight birth defect. Just remember the common cold can not kill us, but could kill an infant, so things that are not potentially harmful to us adults can be a different story for the baby.


Lisa - November 4

Yes, you can colour your hair. They don't recommend it because of the fumes and to also ask your stylist to keep the dye away from having contact with your scalp if at all possible. You should also know that when you're pregnant for some reason the dye will not stay in your hair as long...


fafa - November 4

i have question .its my first time beening pregnant is it ok for me to relax my hair or would that harm the baby


crystal elizabeth - August 16

im 7 mounths pregnant i want to know that when your baby is born and your b___st feeding your baby is it bad to dye your hair permament color even though your b___st feeding?



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