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Tess - November 4

Not sure if this is true.....Does rootbeer has no caffeine in it? Is okay to drink when your pregnant?


Helpful - November 4

There's no caffeine in Root Beer that I am aware of....I drank it when I was pregnant.


to tess - November 4

i think that most rootbeers are caffiene free...i think that you should be ok, as with everything though, i believe that moderation is best, and too much soda could end up dehidrating you, so just keep up with drinking plenty of water...i know how you feel though, usually i am a hugh iced tea drinker, and i cant stand it right now, and have been craving coke like crazy, so i try to have it once or twice a week, to squash the craving, but really i stick to grape juice, and water. i hope that i have helped some. take care!


:o) - November 4

Root beer is caffeine free. And it is okay to drink while pregnant. I am 9 months pregnant and I have drank Mountain Dew my whole pregnancy (I crave it!)


M.A. - November 4

I've been craving cherry cokes. The other day, the store was out, so I got a root beer. I read the labels. And the A&W root beer I got said caffeine free. Usually you can find it on the label pretty fast if it says caffeine free. I don't think I've ever had a root beer that wasn't.


M.A. - November 4

Now that I think of it, I want a root beer now!!


me - November 4

I've still been drinking coffee-oops.


Cathy - November 4

A&W is caffiene free. Barqs is not. Make sure you check the label.


to cathy - November 4

for some reason, i think that barqs is caffiene free as well, but i could be wrong...anyone have some so that i can know? thank you. good luck tess, i hope that you get the answers that you are looking for!


Tess - November 4

Thanks ladies for that feedback. My hubby hates it when I drink rootbeer (barqs or a&w) specially not that Im preggo, he said its still pop(soda) and I shouldnt drink it.....but its soooo hard not to.....ive been drinkin juice, milk and water for the last 3 mos and today I bought some from our cafeteria today (rootbeer)...... n Im not plannin on tellin him Ive drank some.....oh wellz. I need to indulge myself sometimes, right? but not too much.... thanks again for all your feedback. :P


To Tess - November 4

Tell hubby that he should have to stop drinking any pop as well (a__suming he drinks it) I think anything husbands/boyfriends fuss out us doing while we are pregnant should stop doing as well. Ha :)


Tess - November 4

Exactly.....I mean they dont know whats goin on(except the fact that our belly is growing) and they dont know how hard for us to maintain a very good/healthy eating habits......So once in awhile its okay to indulged ourselves. :P


fyi - November 4

the truth is caffeine can cause problems - just look it up on the internet. i love coffee, coke but had to totally cut down to three a day. they say if you have to have that pick me up, dont have more than 300 mg of caffeine a day...thats about one 8oz of coffee and two 1/2 sodas - most rootbeers do have it - check the label


To fyi ,not being rude,but - November 4

For your information dear- most rootbeers do NOT have caffeine, read the can! The internet says alot of c___p by the way. All we can do is listen to our doctors as they know best. NOTHING is supposed to be good for us while pregnant, but I think caffeine should be the least of our worries.


barg's rootbeer - November 4

i just went to the barq's rootbeer web site, and called the 800 # and, there is caffiene it the regular one, but in the diet, there is not...just thought i would let you all know...take care!


*-) - November 5

Wow, you went through alot of trouble just for a root beer question! you go girl!


to * -) - November 5

lol...i know, but it was driving me nuts not knowing about barq's being caffiene free or not, like sprite and 7-up, i just figured that ALL root beers were caffiene free, but i was wrong, i cant believe i just admitted that...i hope that my husband doesnt find out about this, he'll expect me to do that at home as well lol...take care ladies, and good luck to all of us!



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