Can You Get Pregant On Bc

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brittany - January 27

I have been on birth control for 4months and when we have s_x he still pulls out can i be pregnant?


tara - January 27

birth control pills are not 100% - actually nothing is 100%. It just reduces your chances of getting pregnant by 97-98%. So yes, you can still get pregnant on BC, although chances are slim.


Yea! - January 27

I got pregnant and I was on BC and had been for 2 years.


kat - January 27

my friend got preg on bc.......


d - January 27

both my first two children were bc babies. quite a surprise for me!!!!!


Sophia - January 30

Hello.. To answer your question BC is only 97% effective and we all know how effective the "Pull-Out" method is 0%. So that leaves you with a 3% chance of pregnancy. And guess what? I'm part of the 3%.


KM - January 31

I'm with Sophia in that 3 percent. My son was conceived while I was on the pill.


Chris - February 14

Yeah it's possible. Just always remember anything's possible. You should still used a condom until you've been on the pill at least six months. You're body needs time to get used to the affects of the pill. Even though he pulls out doesn't mean his sperm doesn't get inside you there's still pre-c_m and some of what happens before he pulls out of you. Just be extra careful.


kim - February 14

hello i have an month old which i had on birth control pills and am weeks pregnant on the patch needless to say it does not work for me


kim - February 15

what i meant is i have a 18 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant both concieved on birth control second on patch and condoms how does that work


ang - May 1

I was on birth control pills since I was 16 years old, after I had a pregnancy scare. I then took them every day since. I got pregnant now at the age of 21 with the first person I didnt use a condom with. So yes!


ang - May 1

Yes you can! I have been on BC for 5 years and took them correctly the entire time! After all the things that make them less effective, they end up being a 50-50 chance. I got pregnant on it!


dno - May 1

I have a friend who is still ovulating on the pill and she is going through all this ultrasound stuff and a 2nd girlfriend who was more fertile on it than off. Her doc told her to stay off it after she got pregnant 2x's on it. Her and her hubby dont use it now and she hasnt gotten pg again .Figure that one out


Neshia - August 31

I've been on the patch for 5 months but i have been having unprotective s_x, time after time.I stop using it ,then i started back that next week.bleeded when i used it, then stop again.DO you think i could stil be pregnant?


to Neshia - August 31

I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain about stopping and starting...? What do you mean?


A.K. - September 4

yes--the pull out method doesn't work because a man will dribble before he shoots. I know this because my sister got pregnant when her boyfriend did the pull out method and that was everytime they had s_x.


A.K. - September 4

I forgot--it depend what for bc you are on



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