Can You Get Pregnant A Week Before Your Period

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kaesea - September 27

OK guys I need opinions and wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the outcome was. My last period was Aug 13th and was normal. My cycles are regulare and are 28 days, give or take a few hours. My husband and I use condoms but on the 6th of Sept,had a malfunction. It is now Sept 27 and I have still not started. It seems unlikely that I would be ovulating on the 6th, but the only times I have ever been late were with pregnancy. I have take 4 home pregnancy tests and all are negative so far. My b___sts are now very tender. I have had a little cramping but nothing bad and no blood of any type ie red, brown, pink...What do you think? I have also been peeing more often, but thoughtt that could just be my imagination. Are the missed period, sore b___bs and the "oops" just coincidence? Could I have been ovulating that late? If I were prego, shouldn't the HPT be showing positive by now?


Yakoumb - September 27

Thank you Grandpa! Now everything is clear


Grandpa Viv - September 27

kaesea, your a___lysis is correct. If you are pregnant, either you had a contraceptive malfunction close to Aug 27th or delayed ovulation due to stress etc. If you did get pregnant from the Sept 6th encounter, it is possible that you are still getting false negatives. When did your signs start - before or after Sept 6th? A negative test Oct 4th would start me thinking that some other reason is responsible. GL!


kaesea - September 27

I just started having the tender bb's in the last week. I just think it seems like very little possibility, but at the same time a strange coincidence that I would be late right after a contraceptive malfunction. Thanks for the input. If any other women have similar stories, I would love to hear your story.


kaesea - October 1

OK so still no AF, but today I have had very bad cramps. They are worse than the ones I have when AF does come. They have subsided now, but they were pretty intense today and I wore a liner just in case. Not sure whats going on. I took anothe HPT Tuesday and was still neg. I am trying to wait until around the 4th to take anothe one. So confused......


Kell123 - October 1

Hi kaesea- there is a very good chance ur prego, my af was due on the 28 august I only had one day bleed that day but it works out I fell peg on the 20th august so 8 days before my af was due anyway I kept testing all the time and did not get a positive till last week and that was meant to be my next af and now I'm 5 and half wks, so u will prob get neg until ur next af is meant to be due, again my b___bs were killing me and they still are and cramping I kept thinking I'm going to ave my af but a real heavy one but I did not I got a positive instead ? good luck and update us


Pleasepreg - October 1

I've had bad cramping (Thursday night after Zumba was worst) but I'm still preg. I don't think they are anything to worry about.


Pleasepreg - October 1

Kell, you must be 7 and a half as I'm 5 weeks and I caught around the 6th September.


Kell123 - October 1

Hi pleasepreg I think you must off miss calculated, if you fell on the 6th that makes you 4 weeks on Tuesday, I fell on the 20th august which makes me 6 weeks today.


Pleasepreg - October 1

When you talk about how far gone you are, you have to go with the way the docs diagnose it (1st day of LMP) or it gets far too confusing. I am 5 weeks (and 2 days) as my LMP was 25th Aug. I expect to have my first scan in 7 weeks (12 weeks gone).


JAO11 - October 2

I had s_x 3days before my period. One the 3rd day it was extremely light. Could I be prego?


Kell123 - October 2

Grandpa - really worried I went to hospital on Friday to have a scan as we did not actually know how far gone I was and I'm bloating out like anything and niggiling pains on my right side they saw a baby sac but could not see anything in there I had a blood test and I had 2000 hg level then another blood test today which has gone up to 5000 but they want me in for another scan next week as they could not find anything in there, could it be empty?? So worried now.


ananise123 - January 10

So my period has always been irregular. I would have a period one month and 4 months later I would finally have it again. My last period was in October, and in September I got worried and took a pregnancy test. Now its January, and I still haven't had my period, and lately my Nipples have been hurting and my stomach feels blotted, and nasty as it sounds I have been farting. My stomach also feels hard. And I've been getting dizzy. I just wanna know if it's possible I'm pregnant???????


Grandpa Viv - January 10

If you have been having unprotected s_x, you may be pregnant. First you ovulate, then two weeks later comes a period a__suming you are not pregnant. Early pregnancy signs come a week before you can reasonably expect a positive test. You have enough signs to justify testing. Use first morning pee, dip method, and repeat a week later if still indoubt. GL!


Angela11 - January 16

I had unprotected s_x on Jan 7th. And I was suppose to start my period on Jan 12th. I still haven't gotten it and it's currently Jan 16th *about the time I'm done with my period*; but I am having sore b___st like I should be either getting my period or pregnant;; I'm confused, It hasn't been a full two weeks yet;; should I test or is it still to early?


beesmommy - January 23

I would test. You should know for sure by now.



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