Can You Get Pregnant A Week Before Your Period

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jainz - December 20

Grandpa, you are right, my LMP was actually september 30. I expected my next period around 1st or 2nd nov. I was having all those pre preriod symptoms like nipple pain and discomfort in v____a etc. Then instead on 31st oct, all my symptoms vanished away and I was almost sure that I concieved on 30th night. On 2nd nov I tested positive for pregnancy. My doctor told me that I have due date of 7th july, while if I conceived on 30th oct.. it must 22nd july around.. which is a big difference.. It was since last year that my cycle has been varying from around 31 to 35 days.. befor that i used to have 28, 29 days cycle only. Your reply on this would be appreciated.. thanks


Grandpa Viv - December 21

Jainz, you do not conceive on the day your period symptoms go away. Conception occurs at ovulation which is 2 weeks before the next period. Count 38 weeks from the day of conception, or more conveniently 40 weeks from the first day of your previous period. For convenience I count 9 calendar months and one week. Good luck!


xvkx - December 21

Initially my due date was predicted to be about a month later than my ultrasound revealed. They corrected it on the ultrasound, and there was no "opinion" given - it was just like, ok, we'll change this, with no hint of surprise or anything, so I'm guessing it's pretty common. :S


Gemma1 - December 29

i want to get pregnant by my husband doesnt want me to yet, so we had unprotected s_x 1 week before my period 3 days in a row using the pull out method and when he took off the condom i poked it up my v____a about an hour later or less and done this twice.. is it possible to get pregnant from this?


meallison - January 21

is it possible to get pregnant exactly three days before my period had started?


thalia33 - February 10

could i get pregnant a week before my period?


Grandpa Viv - February 10

Thalia, if your cycle is regular, one week before your period is expected is fairly safe, two weeks before is definitely not safe. The exception would be if you ovulated late for some reason such as stress or sickness or meds, in which case your period would have come late too. Good luck!


kitty_08 - March 24

i dont have an answer, but a question...i had unprotected s_x and the next day i got my period, but it was supposed to arrive within the next few days anyways. Could i be pregnant? eventhough i got my period. i really need to know how much of a chance i have of being


I - April 3



ilsaaf - April 5

If you have unprotected s_x a week before you are to start your next cycle and there is a possibility for pregnancy will you still have your cycle that month or will you not start your period and be able to take a pregnancy test?


Grandpa Viv - April 5

ilsaaf, if you are pregnant your period will be missing or noticeably different (lighter). You are not likely to get pregnant from s_x one week before your period (if you are regular), as ovulation occurs 14 days before your period and the egg lasts only one day.


juljul - April 14

i'm very aware its possible to get pregnant anytime...if i become fertile on the 10th-14th and i ovulate on the 13th, what are the chances of getting pregnant if i had unprotected s_x on the 9th just a day before i start to fertile?????.....


jenniferjo - April 14

Its possible that you are pregnant. Here is what I found... "Once sperm enter the woman's genital tract, the cervix and uterus, most die within 1-2 days, but some can survive up to 5 days and thus the longest that sperm can survive in fertile cervical fluid or the uterus is five days. Studies have shown that most pregnancies can be attributed to intercourse that takes place within the 1-2 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation, but some pregnancies can happen after intercourse that happened up to 5 days before ovulation. " Most sperm actually live 1-2 days, but there are those that are strong enough to survive 5 days. Your chances are probably slim, but you still have a chance of being preg. If I were you I'd test when you miss your period or the day you expect it. Chances are good that you won't get a reliable test result before then. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 14

juljul, there is actually a chart someplace showing the percent chance. As I remember it, 4 days before ovulation give you a 15% chance. Don't forget about PlanB if that is what you need.


jenily047 - May 9

Hey there - i have a problem. a bit stressed . I had missed 2 of my periods. Pregnancy test were negative. doctors told me it could have been due to stress this was the first time this happen to me. on the 25 and 26th of apil my fiance and I had s_x and we didnt withdraw because we are trying to get pregnant. 6 days later I got my period for 3 days.. could i be pregnant or should i just wait until next month to see if i even get my period?? before this i was getting my period every month on the 8th ..... before missing march and april .. =(


sssccc - May 9

i have a question. my boyfriend ejaculated on my shorts and without realizing it i wiped it off, my finger was still wet and then i touched myself. i was suppose to start on the 7th and it is now the 9th could i be pregnant?



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