Can You Get Pregnant A Week Before Your Period

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sssccc - May 9

i have a question. my boyfriend ejaculated on my shorts and without realizing it i wiped it off, my finger was still wet and then i touched myself. i was suppose to start on the 7th and it is now the 9th could i be pregnant?


niccie - October 5

I had unprotected s_x three days before my period (which has been regular for quiet some time), and again the day after. Thus my period should have started the Tuesday afternoon, but started the Monday afternoon instead. It was lighter then usual and lasted until Tuesday late evening with a few spots the next day. I ignored it because I have been under a lot of stress the last two weeks previous. A week and a half later after the s_x, my b___sts became extremely tender and sore, though it would go away for a bit and come back later on; I started getting extreme cravings for certain foods, eg. sea salt chips, the thing is I usually eat these but its very few and far between, now I crave them to an unhealthy point, which could switch to having sea salt on any and all food; while I have gained some cravings, I feel sick around some foods, eg. yoghurt and chicken (these were originally my favourite types of); headaches are common for me but they have became worse over the last month; lower abdomen pains have occurred as well. All these ‘types’ of symptoms above I’ve blamed on stress alike, but I’ve been pretty relaxed since my period. I’ve done my reading and I know that my chances of becoming pregnant a few days before my period is less likely to happen, however there has been talk that the ovulation period could be late due to stress. My next period should start this coming Tuesday again, so I’m waiting to see. What I want to ask is: If I did ovulate late, why did my periods come early and last less than normal? And should I take a pregnancy test in case even if my periods do come or not?


needanswersgirl2 - October 19

Hi, I know this is a different FAQ but I don't know how to start a new thread and I saw this is the most popular one because of all the replies so I was hoping someone could help me...My period ended on a day, and than on that day my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x. Than the next day when I thought my period ended i bled a tiny bit. I'm wondering if I could possibly be pregnant, and if I could take a First Response test right now, which has been a week and a half since the s_x to see if I am or would I have to wait until after my missed period?


questionmarx - November 17

I had unprotected s_x a day before or maybe the day my period was supposed to come and had cramps a few days before too. Could I be pregnant because spotting occurred the next couple of days?


Beth - December 1

question- I had s_x the day before i started my period. I was about two weeks late this cycle. He came in me...could i be pregnant? what are the chances? Thanks


Bethany Lew - December 1

question- I had s_x the day before i started my period. I was about two weeks late this cycle. He came in me...could i be pregnant? what are the chances? Thanks


rosaaa - January 2

i had my last perioud on the 10th and i had s_x 19 days later so that would be on the 29 is it possible i could get pregnant?


rosaaa - January 2

i got my perioud on the 10th and i had s_x 19 days later on the 29th is it possible i could be pregnant?


rosaaa - January 2

can you get pregnant 6 days after you have started your ouvulating cycle?


rosaaa - January 2

can you get pregnant a week after you have started ouvulating?


Karluhh - January 14

hey. ok i have a major dilema. lol but seriously. ok, i have never had s_xual intercourses. but one day me and my boyfriend were messing around and he "got in the mood" and my back was to him and he was "jaking off" haha well thing is when i turned, some sperm spilled on my pjs in the front. and it can easily go through my pjs. and i have been worying i might be pregnant. and my period was 4 days late. well, it was about a normal period, maybe a day shorter than usual. but now im off of it. and i still look and feel bloated. even my mom noticed. she said wow, your getting a little bigger, about time. But she doesnt know, and i cant to her about this. ANYONE PLEASE HELP.


NewMommy08 - January 16

i actually have a question. I had my son Oct 18, 2008. I have been b___stfeeding him up until yesterday, Jan 15, 2009. When my son was 5wks old I had light bleeding for about 3 days. I havent been bleeding at all until about Jan 12, 2009. I have been bleeding for 4 days now and my husband and I had unprotected s_x roughly 2 or 3 times a week before the 12. Is it possible that I am pg? When should I take a test to find out? I took a test yesterday thinking the bleeding was impantation bleeding and it said negative. But im thinking now it was too soon to tell. lol. I believe this is my 1st period, since i haven't been bleeding until now, so idk what my cycle is nor how long my pd lasts. Somebody please help! We thought we couldn't get pg becuase I haven't been having a period and I had no idea this one was coming. My husband leaves for iraq again this nov and we wanted to wait til after he came home cuz our son will be 2 1/2 years old. So im kinda stressing out on the inside.


lokaina - November 26

Well, I'm a little scared. Details- I'm on birth control been so for about 10 months. I have my periods quite regularly (third day after first sugar pill- 28th day of cycle) which last about a week give or take. My boyfriend and I had s_x, but the condom broke. We didnt realize it till after he came. It was about three days before I have to take my sugar pills (s_x on wednesday and first sugar pill is on sunday, period should start tuesday). I have been researching my chances of getting pregnant, and I have been getting mixed information. Some say I will, others say I wont. I really pray I wont, cause the situation right now it not the best. Please advice


meggylou - January 16

i had unprotected s_x on the 13th december then on the 18th i had a period could i still be pregnant im worried coz im now a day late for my next period please help


kate77 - January 16

Hi, can anyone help me? I was due on my period but took the pill to stop it, i took the pill for 4 days then stopped, i had unprotected s_x during the 4 days i was taking the pill, then had my period after i had stopped taking it. i am now getting early symptoms of pregnancy. can i be pregnant even tho i took the pill and was due on?


nursenadia - February 27

I will like to know.. can someone get pregnant 2 days before their period?



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