Can You Get Pregnant With Out A Period After A Misscarrige

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Keri Eversole - October 22

I just recently had a miscarrige 6 weeks ago. I found out I was pregnant, only one day later to have my doctor call back on my blood work to tell me that i was going to loose it. My HCG level was really low and dropping. I started bleeding that night, and continued to bleed for 7 days just like my dr. had said i would. My husband I started having s_x again only one week later. This was 4 weeks ago. I still have not had a period and now my br___t are really sore, I am very nauses, bloated and eating like crazey, and I noticed that I am hot all the time. No sign of started my period. My dr. said that it could take up to 8 weeks to start my period again. I am really anxious to know but I will not get a test, due to fear of finding out then looseing one again. This was my second in 6 months. Could I know be pregnant without having my period after my misscarige? Has this happen to anyone else? Please help me with this question. I need al the advice I can get. Thank you


Mellissa - October 22

Scenario #1: You had happen what also happened to my friend Trish and you got pregnant right after a misscarriage (incidently, she carried this 2nd pregnancy to term and had a healthy baby girl!) Scenario #2: You could have an infection due to matter still being left in your uterus from the first pregancy and you should have it checked via ultrasound to make sure you are empty inside. Also, you do not need a period to get pregnant again. You could have ovulated a week and a half after your miscarriage, the sperm from the s_x you had a week after could have fertilized the egg and now you are two and a half weeks pregant. Oh,and just so you know: My friend Trish that I mentioned above, her second pregancy that she carried to a healthy baby also gave her a scare because she woke one night to blood all over her legs. After making a huge mess in the bathroom as well, she figured that she had lost this second pregnancy as well and so did the doctor until she went in two days later for the ultrasound to make sure she was cleaned out and the technician told her the baby was still alive! In otherwords, go to your doctor, tell him/her everything and let them decide.


michelle - October 22

Yes, you absolutely can! I had a mc 9-11. I got pregnant the very next time I ovulated (2-3 weeks later). Therefore, no period ever came! Obviously my body hadn't healed from the first one, so I miscarried the second one too just a few days ago. I sure hope better things happen for you! Good luck. Please keep us posted. I am interested in your story!


keri - October 22

Just an update to my first question. I did have a D& C the first time I misscarriged, the second time I pa__sed on my own. I can't get into the dr. untill the 8th of Nov. So I have to wait until then. I will keep you updated. thank you again for all of your support.



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