Can You Have A Miscarriage Without Bleeding

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Karen - October 21

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm 5 weeks pregnant but don't feel pregnant and i keep getting quite painful cramps every two or three days. I have taken various HPT's and they are all saying + but i don't seem to have any symptoms, is it just too early for symptoms or do you think there could be something wrong? This is my first and i'm not sure what to expect. Please help if you can. Thanks.


~m~ - October 21

No, if you miscarry you will bleed, and you will know it. Consider yourself lucky if you aren't having any symptoms. Some women have an easy go of it during pregnancy. If you are one of them, count your blessings sweetie!! Good luck! By the way, the cramps are probably ligaments stretching, etc. In a week or 2, you should get your first ultrasound, and you'll get to hear and see the heartbeat. That will make you feel better about things!


Karen - October 21

Thanks for answering me m, your kind words seem to help me stop worrying abit. Im new to this and my husband and me have tried for such a long time for this and we want it so much. Thanks again x


to Karen - October 21

that post from m was wrong you can have a mc without bleeding just sounds to me you are just not far enough along yet to have the symptoms but I am sure you will start to get them I am 24wks and boy I sure know I am pregnant this kid can kick up a storm (i am having a boy) so just make an appt for the doctor and they will check everything out and it is quite normal to think there was some kind of mistake with the hpt and your really not prego when you are good luck and take care


~m~ - October 21

No that post from me is NOT wrong. If you miscarry, you bleed! But thanks for putting me down "to Karen"! I guess since I've had 4 of them, I know just a little bit about it. ---- Karen, you are welcome. Try not to worry. Congrats on your little miracle and good luck!


Jen - October 21

I had a miscarriage and never bled. I had to have a d&c at 12 weeks. All miscarriages are different and occur for different reasons...some with bleeding, some not. Karen.....I just recently had a baby girl and did not experience any pregnancy symptoms until week 10. Most women experience preg symptoms around week 6-7. Try not to worry, although it is completely natural to worry! Best to you!


~m~ - October 21

Yes, all women are different. Bleeding may be more delayed in some women, but nevertheless it is inevitable. If it doesn't happen soon enough, maybe a D&C is performed, but sooner or later, bleeding WILL take place. I have started bleeding the next day, and I have had it take a week for the bleeding to begin. That said, conrats to you Jen on your baby girl!


... - October 21

When you lose the baby you do bleed, but sometimes if you miscarry it takes quite a while for your body to show any signs that the baby has died, and you won't bleed. It sounds to me, like you are just having normal period symptoms. I had cramping that lasted up until about 9 would be off and on, and it would ache pretty bad sometimes. And my symptoms didn't really set in until about 6 weeks, when I started getting nauseous which got worse over the next few weeks. Everyone is different, you may be one of the lucky ones that doesn't have any morning sickness! I understand your worry, I was worried too with the cramps I was having...I finally got to have my first dr. visit and ultrasound at 8 weeks, and I was convinced there would be no baby or that my baby had died, but there it was little heart beating away on the screen as healthy as could be. If you are feeling any really painful cramps that make you double over, or very localized cramps to one side, you may need to go and make sure it's not an ectopic...but what it sounds like to me is exactly what I went through, just the normal crampiness of early pregnant. Congrats and good luck!


... - October 21

I meant normal pregnancy symptoms, not period symptoms!!!!! oops!!! typo!!!


... - October 21

And I meant it sounds like the normal crampiness of early pregnancy, not pregnant....I am in a pregnant fog this afternoon!!


J - October 21

It is possible to miscarry and not know right away. My friend had a miscarriage and she didn't know until he next appointment. She would have been 14 weeks along and the babies pa__sed at 7 weeks and 9 weeks and she didn't know it until they did the heart monitor and couldn't hear any heartbeats. The one at seven weeks they told her would just pa__s on it's own and it never did. She never had any bleeding or symptoms of miscarriage. She had a D&C.


evan - October 21

karen; if ya miscarry u will bleed at some point. sounds like u are a fortunate one for not havin the symptoms sum expectin ladies do. greatest of wishes 2 ya.


nina - October 21

Nearly all miscarriages are preceded by the warning sign of v____al bleeding.up to 25% of all pregnant women have bleeding at some point in pregnancy,and of these women about half will have a miscarriage.some signs of a miscarriage include bleeding which maybe scant or heavy,it may be constant or it may come and go,cramping is common in the abdomin,sometimes lower backache.


Liz - October 21

Hi, I had a miscarriage in January and I was 3 months along. I had a feeling that my pregnancy was unhealthy before I actually miscarried because my symptoms faded away! In other words I stopped feeling pregnant! I felt this way for about 2 weeks before I started to bleed. This does not mean that you however are going to misscarry, you may just be having gas pains ( which I heve heard some woman get during pregnancy) or just some odd days, I would try to relax and see what happens. Did you have symptoms first and they went away or just never had any pregnancy symptoms and then felt cramping? Don't worry and take care, hugs and God bless.


Sunni - October 22

This actually is not an answer but a question...I had several positive pregnancy tests back in july including 3 in my dr's office. My period was 10 days late but after i bled no more tests have been positive. My dr says it was nothing that all 18 tests were wrong, what do you ladies think. I was thinking maybe a chemical pregnancy but my dr says it was nothing. My tubes were tied in dec 04 but they can fail. Thanks. Sunni


To J - October 22

It is possible to not know you've miscarried. It's called a "missed miscarriage" where the foetus has died but has not been expelled by the body.


susu - October 27

I can't believe that you all are being so snippy about if you bleed or not during a miscarriage. Just like every pregnancy is different so too is every miscarriage. I lost a baby at 17 weeks (or at least I found out at 17 weeks) apparently, the baby had died two weeks prior. I had no cramping, NO BLEEDING, no symptoms. I had a D&C three days later...still no bleeding. Try not to argue on these sites and and act petty. People are looking for help not girly arguments about who is right and who is wrong.



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