Can You Have A Miscarriage Without Bleeding

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susu - October 27

I can't believe that you all are being so snippy about if you bleed or not during a miscarriage. Just like every pregnancy is different so too is every miscarriage. I lost a baby at 17 weeks (or at least I found out at 17 weeks) apparently, the baby had died two weeks prior. I had no cramping, NO BLEEDING, no symptoms. I had a D&C three days later...still no bleeding. Try not to argue on these sites and and act petty. People are looking for help not girly arguments about who is right and who is wrong.


Lynne - October 27

Hi Karen. Your body is just getting ready for the pregnancy. You are feeling where the uterus is growing and the muscles are stretching. I know a lot of times its called round ligament pain. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Kristin11 - October 27

not true, my co-worker went in for her 14 wk check up , and they couldnt find a heartbeat, they sent her to get a ultrasound which showed that the baby had been dead for a week and a half. She never bled, or had and signs or symptoms of miscarriage. They ended up having to do a d&C.


Kristin11 - October 27

Karen i would say even though you are worried to think the best and that hopefully everything will work out for you , and like most people here said c___pping in early pregnancy is normal, you should worry when bleeding come with it. Also many women dotn get pregnancy symptoms for quite a while, and some never get them. Good luck.


withchild334 - October 29

I've had a missed miscarriage where the baby died at 12 weeks and I didn't find out till 16 weeks. But the pain you are discribing sounds like implantation pains.


JanetH - October 30

nah, some women have all the symptoms some women have none. You may even have some symptoms and not even realize it. Like the other ladies stated if you miscarry you have some sort of bleeding, that's how your body cleanses yourself and removes the particles from the baby and what not.


Kristin72 - October 30

I have not read the answers to your question but when you have a miscarriage without bleeding it is called a missed miscarriage. Often your body will not realize for a while that the pregnancy has been lost and you will not expell blood for a while..that is why a D&C is necessary. This usually happens later on like 8 16 weeks but it is not unheard of to happen earlier.


mmcdjs - October 31

No, you do not bleed every time you miscarry. I had a miscarriage back in May and was 8 weeks along and never had any symptoms or anything of a miscarriage. I found out via ultrasound and then proceeded to have a D&C. And I also found out today that I am going to have another miscarriage. I am 4.5 weeks along but this time I’ve had cramping ever since I ovulated. But I have not had any bleeding, just cramping. The doctor says that some women don't bleed, but if it's early enough, the woman's body just absorbs it. I would suggest you go to your doctor and have a beta HCG test done and then have it done again in 48 hours. If the number rises by at least 60%, then your pregnancy is fine at this time. Good luck.


EmilyLou - March 1

Everyones miscarriage is different. No one can say that you WILL NOT bleed in a miscarriage as i went for my 13 week scan and was told my baby had been dead for 4 weeks. I was devastated as I had no clue at all. I had seen its heartbeat at 9 weeks and it had died 3 days later they told me. I have had to have a d and c and had no bleeding at all. I knew something was wrong myself as i stopped feeling pregnant. as this was my first pregnancy i hope this will not affect my chances in the future just bare in mind you do not ALWAYS bleed when having a miscarriage.


elvirapadilla - August 26

how can a woman have a miscarriage without bleeding?


elvirapadilla - August 26

can a person miscarry without bleeding?


kimberly - August 28

elvirapadilla, it is called a missed miscarriage. It happens when the baby dies and the women never pa__ses the baby. A D&C is performed to removed the sac and tissue. I guess your body may not reconize right away that something is wrong with the pregnancy. Other pregnancy symptoms will have disappeared which is usually the womens first clue.


Kre87 - October 3

yes you can its called a missed miscarriage i just had one ive had for mc and it the first one i didnt blled with and an ultrasound had to show me my baby wasnt alive and even after i did go into labor the baby still stayed in there, and i had to have a dnc


ReneeJ - October 5

I'm 5 weeks too. And I am having the same thing, no symptoms. All I am is so tired. I was worried too till I read your post. We'll be fine!!


niki26 - October 6

I had 2 miscarriage when I was 17 years old and had a healthy baby when I was 20 ,then at 21 I was 10 weeks along and the baby died a few weeks before I knew, and I bled for each loss, so I never heard of miscarriages with out bleeding but I could be wrong I guess? I also knew something was not right I didnt feel pregnant all of a sudden and I knew , but either way I am sure that having cramos is normal specially at first when your body is trying to get used to all the hormones...


kirsten71 - August 23

I know this is an old post, but just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. Yes it is very possible to miscarry without bleeding, I have had 3 in a row, all due to chromosomal abnormalites, and have never had any bleeding or cramping. As a result i have had 3 D&C's. I have seen heartbeats in all 3, the last one had a really strong healthy heartbeat at 7.5 weeks and was told that i had " a 98% chance of having an uneventful pregnancy". I am currently 7.5 weeks pregnant and am having my first scan tomorrow, needless to say i am VERY nervous, even if it does look good i will not be happy until the little bub is born



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