Can You Have A Miscarriage Without Bleeding

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kirsten71 - August 23

I know this is an old post, but just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. Yes it is very possible to miscarry without bleeding, I have had 3 in a row, all due to chromosomal abnormalites, and have never had any bleeding or cramping. As a result i have had 3 D&C's. I have seen heartbeats in all 3, the last one had a really strong healthy heartbeat at 7.5 weeks and was told that i had " a 98% chance of having an uneventful pregnancy". I am currently 7.5 weeks pregnant and am having my first scan tomorrow, needless to say i am VERY nervous, even if it does look good i will not be happy until the little bub is born


katiec - September 15

kirsten.. im 18 and almost 8 weeks pregnant. my b___bs are still sore, im still nausaus all the time but i just dont 'feel' pregnant anymore. when i first found out i had a sense of completeness and i felt like there was someone perfect inside me, but ive almost lost that feeling. do you think its possible that im starting to have a miscarriage? this is the longest ive ever carried, and i'm terrified im going to lose this baby.


mmcdjs - September 15

Kirsten, I would recommend bringing your concerns to your doctor right away. In my opinion, you can never be too cautious or careful when it comes to being pregnant. When I had my first miscarriage, one of the first symptoms to disappear was my b___bs being sore, so don't lose hope yet! Take care and God bless!


kirsten71 - September 15

Hi Girls, thanks for your responses. i am now 10.5 weeks and have had 2 scans since, both good, measured right for size and good heartbeat (171 bpm) at the 9.5 week scan. quessyness comes and goes. Boobs are sill a little sore (i'm always touching them to check!) katiec have you organised to get a scan done? i know its terrifying when you have already lost a baby, but at least you know. And I also know how you can drive yourself crazy agonizing over every little symptom or lack of symptoms. A scan is the only way you will know for sure, i am praying all is ok with you! I wont get another scan until the 12 week nuchal translucency. Good luck everybody with our pregnancies!


katiec - September 15

Yes, I am going this Monday. Me and my fiance are praying that they will find a healthy heartbeat.


mrs.j - May 22

Hi I'm about 6 weeks pregnant I'm not feeling any pain as of yet but when I went to pee it was this thing that looked like a curved nail or something idk but I have not started bleeding or anything it was like a off white color almost pink. Am I having a misscarriage or am I just nervous?


kirsten71 - May 22

Hi mrs.j, it could possibly be implantation bleeding which i think happens about 2 weeks after conception (6 weeks), so i wouldnt worry about it. its something that happens in some pregnancies but not all, i have never had it. Good luck, I have my fingers crossed for you, i know the wait till the 12th week can be very nerve racking!!Quick update on my last post, i had a healthy baby girl 6 weeks ago. I hope this gives some hope to all those who have suffered miscarriages, dont give up, miracles can happen and i thank god for both my kids everyday.


confused.needanswers - November 7

hello, im am very confused & need to know what to think. i was 7 & a half weeks pregnant and yesterday around noon, my fience found a mucus looking thing with the littlist bit of blood on it, i panicked and put it in a baggy & went to emerge, there they did blood work & took a urine sample, i was then told i miscarried, but then told there not sure, i have to go back in 3 days to find out if my pregnancy hormone level has dropped or raised & if it raised more tests well be done. no ultrasound was done, nore any other tests, i have no pain in my abdoman or back nore bleeding of anysort & it has been now 27 hours since ive "miscaried" but still no symptoms of miscarrige other then the doctors word. i still had morning sickness this morning & cravings for pickle(which i hate) like i said i have no pain.... or bleeding.. all i have is emotinal pain.... am i still pregnant or whats going on? i hope some one can help answer my questions. thank you


kirsten71 - November 7

Hi confusedneedanswers, Unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure unless you have a scan, which i would demand when you go back in a couple of days, it will give you peace of mind. I had 3 miscarriages in a row and not once did i bleed, i only found out on the scan. I am hoping and praying for you that everything works out for you


diamonddiva - September 26

ok 35 no kids me n my boyfriend r trying for a child i downloaded the my days app we followed it n jus the other day i waz at work had to use the restroom n i noticed a small curved object flesh colored looked lik a baby shrimp or something is it possible i had a miscarriage i dont even kno that i waz pregnant?



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