Can You Have A Period And Be Pregnant

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ellan - June 14

can you have a period and be pregnant


Emmie - April 1

Yes! But it will not be "normal."


Heather - April 3

I am also looking for the same answer.Please if anyone can answer this let me know too.Thanks.


Maureen - April 4

I had a friend who told me while she was pregnant she was having her period a few times at the beginning and really didn't think she was pregnant until it started to "show", so she went to her Dr. and found out she was pregnant. The baby is just fine, and now he's 5 years old, no problems at all.


Michele - April 5

I've searched the same question and found out that if you have bleeding and are pregnant it's not your period, but typical bleeding that sometimes occurs. With my second child I had bleeding in the first trimester and my Dr. said it was normal if not excessive and without cramping. Everything else in my pregnancy was normal and my daughter is now 3. I am wondering if it's happening again. I was supposed to start my period on March 31st, I did have a little spotting but nothing since and it's been almost a week now. Ugh, I guess a pregnancy test is in order. Hope this helps.


dreamcaster - April 5

well sweetie... uhh i donot know what to say ..but SURELY YES. i am so welcomed in asking some other questions so i can look into the" typical dream interphase resistance" ( u don't know what it means) but yes, darling, u can get pregnant with that..uh,i'll get back to you. remember the phrase "typical dream interphase resistance" because that it what i am capable of for people who need help.if you do need it sometimes, pleaseemail me @ [email protected] thanks a lot because i am the real dreamcaster. dont forget to email me. i can see in u dream that u will sometime.


susie - April 22

so what if you start your period and then it stops after a day and then a couple of days later it comes back just for a day and a half... when you usually have it heavy for around 6 days??? any suggestions??


londa - April 23

yeah u could i know someone who had there period for four months then it stop


lianne - May 10

yes u can u know someone who had it fot the whole 9 months


Kristina - May 18

i am pregnant now and i am only about a month and i still have mine the doctor said it was normal for the first few months


honey - June 1

what does it means when you are not pregnat but you start milking form your b___st?


Maisha - June 2

Can you be pregent and be on your period


Maisha - June 2

When you b___st are soft does that mean your pregent


anonymous - June 3

i have heard somewhere that sometimes if you still have your period while preggo, it could be the twin that did not make it!


LilMama - June 4

Im worry about my periods why didnt i finish my period? i had only 7 days. Im not sure what does that means. Im really need help cuz im impressure and hot alot. I did not know about that as well email to [email protected]


kelly - June 14

is it possible that if i haven't had s_x in the last 4 months and have been having all my periods on time, can i now all of a sudden be pregnant? because i am just now missing my period?



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