Can You Have An Abortion Right After Having A Baby

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Sam - December 7

I just had my first baby 7 months ago and I think that I'm already pregnant again! The thing is, my baby has MANY medical problems that we're in the prosses of diagnosing. It's VERY possible that it's genetic and I don't want to take the chance of passing it on to another child. Theres alot of pain seeing your baby go through so many tests at hospitals and have so many problems. We're stressed and worried...everything that we that have inside of us goes to our seven month old right now and I'm exausted...but don't get me wrong, I love my baby more than anything in the world and I'll keep going and going and going to give her everything that she needs, but I'm only 20 years old, my husband is 21 and we're just not ready to do this again and it wouldn't be fair to the next baby if it too has medical issues. My question for you is, CAN YOU HAVE AN ABORTION 7 MONTHS AFTER HAVING A BABY C-SECTION?


Jbear - December 8

I think you should call your doctor and discuss it with him or her. If you are pregnant and you decide to terminate, it can be done with medications rather than surgery it it's done early enough in the pregnancy.


Sam - December 8

Jbear, thanks for the advise and not criticizing me about it. I don't even think that I'm even a full two weeks along yet but I have ALL the right symptoms and if there is medications out there rather than surgery I'd rather go about it that way. Thank you.


Brittany - December 8

I would think that you could. Some woman get pregnant a month after having a newborn! Def. ask your dr. tho, they know more. Good luck with your situation. I hope your 7 month old is alright, having to watch your flesh and blood go through pain is so extremely difficult. Keep your head up tho!!


Jbear - December 8

If I'm right, the medical (as opposed to surgical) abortion has to be done within 9 weeks of your last period. You can read about it on (that's where I got my info)


SAM - December 9

JBear, This sounds weird, but I don't know exactly when my last perios was. I've been on birth control since my baby was two months old and everytime I take the pill I bleed everyday. Sometimes it's heavy and sometimes it's light but it never quits. I've been to the doctor about this many times and I've tried SO SO many different forms of birth control but they all did the same thing. I haven't tied the Depo (the shot) though, so I think after I figure out what I'm going to do, I'll try it. Maybe not having to actually take the pill myself everyday will make a difference. I dont know...


Jbear - December 9

I had the depo shot after I had my first daughter. I never stopped bleeding. It was really bad...sometimes I would be in the shower and there was blood just running down my legs. There wasn't anything they could do until the shot wore off. I had problems with bleeding when I took the pill, but they switched me around to different ones until I quit having problems. Maybe an IUD would be a solution for you. I never did find any birth control where I could live with the side effects...I ended up getting my tubes tied after my second baby because my family was complete and I didn't want to spend the next 20 years using condoms with my husband. Have you taken a test yet?


Sam - December 10

I know he exact day I could have got pregnant and it's still too soon for a pregnancy test to detect it. I would be about three weeks right now if i am pregnant, But to answer your question, yes i did take a pregnancy test and it came up negative. I'll take another one in about a week to make sure. I have ALL the right symtomes though...increased discharge that sometimes white, slight cramping, having to pee more than usual, and the biggest give away of all, my b___st are really sore. When I was pregnant with my 7 month old all of these symptomes hit me REALLY early in my pregnancy. I never had slight cramping though...that ones as little weird.


Sam - December 10

What birth control is working for you now Jbear?


Sam - December 10

LOL, sorry, I just realized that you answered that question in your last post. You had your tubes tied...


veneda - December 23

I think i am pregnant but i had my tubes tied but i have been having pregnancy symptoms and i took a pregnancy test but it came out negative but i'm still having symptoms my last period began on november 13th and it lasted 5 days


tamika - December 26

can u have an abortion at 7 month's pregnant? Can some 1 please tell me thank u very much


trying to cconceive - December 29

It is so heart wrenching that you are thinking about abortion, most people really would like to conceive a child right now, it is wrong to kill someone, from the moment of conception life is precious, think about your life what , where you could have been if your mother had aborted you, think it over, God knows how to take care of his own, give that child a chance to live, otherwise you will leave with the regret if you abort that child.


to tamika - December 29

no you cant!


to tamika - December 29

no, not unless there is some medical reason why you should not carry to term.


to SAM - December 29

You have 49 days or 7 weeks to get a medical (non surgical) abortion. The sooner you know the sooner you can get it done if you choose to do so.


Sam - December 29

I found out that I'm NOT pregnant. The new birth contol that I'm on is making my body go through all these weird changes. Thank you for your concern.



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