Can You Jump Start Your Labor

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kee kee - March 16

i heard that if you drink castor oil, it will make you go into labor. what about having s_x i heard that the sperm has potossin in it. and that can make you go into labor. is any of this true. gimmie some feedback ladies please.


to Kee Kee - March 16

As my secretary said before my child was born..."don't be in such a hurry, it's rough for a while w/ NO sleep and boat loads of crying. Just enjoy having your little muffin inside all to yourself and it will come when it is ready : )


question - March 16

why do u want to jump start labour? dont you want it to just come naturally and let nature take its course?


C - March 17

DON'T DRINK CASTOR OIL!!!!!!!!! It is an old wives tale and you will only hurt yourself and your baby! Haveing s_x does help with some things... Sperm actually softens the cervix helping to "jump start" things that way. Also walking... Do a lot of walking (though you may not feel like it) I've been told that it helps as well. If your doctor wants to start your labor he/she can sc___p your membranes (to make then rupture)... Often that brings on labor within 48hours. My friend's Dr told her to go home and drink a couple of beers to help kick in labor... Don't know if she was BSing or not so... I'd ask about that one.


Julie - March 17

Well I took the Red Rasberry pills from GNC you can also drink Red Rasberry Tea from about 37 weeks on. It gets your uterus ready for labor. I does not jump start your labor but everyone I know that has done this has gone right on time. I went 2 days before my due date and I was also doing a lot of walking on the beach which I think helped. Don't drink castor oil. And yes having s_x is a good way to get labor going. Sperm does help but I don't believe sperm has potossin in it.


tara - March 17

Having s_x will help start labor; I'm not sure if it's the potossin in sperm but I know it does have something that will help woth labor. How far along are you? good luck


amanda.d - March 17

I used castor oil with my last preganancy, i only took a tablespoon.I went to bed at 9 o'clock at night with nothing happening and when i woke up at midnight i was in hard labour.It was a terrible experience and i urge all of you who want to try this method not too because i really don't think it gives your body time to adjust.At the time that i took it i was 2 centimeters dialated, i took after a day and a half of being two centimeters. Just let nature take its course.


to tara and everyone - March 17

im am 40 weeks my baby is due tuesday the 22nd, and i just have this feeling that he is going to be late. i am 1 1/2 centimeters dialated and i have been that way for two months. i havent had any contractions no braxton hicks or nothing. I havent even droped, im just so tired and fustrated, im running two the bathroom every 5 mintues, when it feels like im going to p__s the niagra falls, and only a couple of drops come out. Ladies yall know what im saying when you get to that point where your just ready to have your baby. Im at the point right now.


Jean - May 12

Stimulating your nipples can help jump start your labor, so I have heard


KEEKEE - May 12

S_x!!!! Hey we have the same name....heehee..No wonder omg thought I had a baby. Congrats!!!!


Dee - May 12

Castor oil isn't an Old Wives Tale, and science can not prove that it will harm you aor the baby. And please don't give advice about castor oil unless, you have used it to iduce labor. I had my baby Feb 2,2005, he was due on the 8th. I indeuced my labor with castor oil. You can try it if you want but, the taste will make you not want to do it again. I took the CO, at around 7pm on Jan 31st, then I gave my self and enema. I had mild contractions on and off, until round 10 when they stopped, they were like braxton hicks, At 1 am they can back gettting stroger and stronger until I went to the hospital at 3am. They sent me home at 8am. My water broke and I went back at 10 am. I had to stay did some walking and sqauting, so that I could dialate more ( I was 2 centimeter at 4 am). I got in the bed and sleep through most of the day. I had no drugs what so ever. It was a long time coming but at 1:40am I was ready to push. And at 1:47 am my son was born. I had a long labor, but didn't feel it much because I was sleeping most of the time. And I got him out quickly when it was time to push. I had no complications, and neither did he. We actually left the hospital a day early. And here we are now, he is a little over 3 months old, and sitting in his swing talking to me. :)


Jodie - May 12

kee kee whatever you do dont drink castor oil, one of my very good friends did that after being fed up with being pregnant (she was a week overdue) sure it kicked started her contractions but they lasted 4 days until she went to the hospital and the drs gave her drugs to speed things up, dont worry it will happen when it happens and if it doesnt being induced isnt so bad, i was with my second and was only in labour for 3.5 hours :)


tk - June 24

I have heard that if the baby isn't about ready that castor oil will just give you a terrible belly ache. However if your baby is ready to be born it can stimulate it. I also think that s_x and that a___l stimulation ( an enema) can help.


Lease - June 24

Can wine jump start labor?


manda - June 25

I went for a nice long walk. That really jump started my labor


Tahlia's Mama - June 26

S_x didn't start my labour, it was the only day while I was pregnant we didn't!! I just told my little precious the night before she was due that she could come out now, and at 1.30am my waters broke lol


Mom of 2 and 1 on way - June 29

I feel your pain. I am 37 weeks and so want this to be over. Castor oil does not work and as far as s_x is concerned the only thing that does is shut your husband(lol). I can say this from experience. I tried both with all my pregnancies and still ended up being overdue and induced. I now think that it is a sign from your baby telling you he\she is going to be stubborn. haha. Also walking will not bring labor on but it will help it progress if you are already having contractions and it makes labor easier on you. Well good luck!



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