Can You Ovulate If You Are Pregnant But Don T Know You Are

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want2beamummy - February 11

Hi ladies, I have been reading some of your stories and they have really helped me. Here's my story. Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive for the past 7 months. My last MP was on 4th January 2006. My 'o' period was around 16th - 18th Jan, judging by an ovulation test. We did all the right things during my ovulation period and my menstrual period was due on 31st Jan. Instead of my usual period (4-5 days heavy'ish') I had some light spotting, pinky/ brown with a slight cervical mucus instead. I did not class this as my usual period as it was so different and only lasted a day. If it was implantation instead of my period, and I am pregnant, it would be 25 days after I ovulated and conceived. I have done 6 pregnancy tests and all show up negative? Does this mean I am not pregnant or could I still be pregnant? Also, as my period is now 11 days late, I am due to ovulate again this weekend. Could I still ovulate if I am pregnant? The ovulate test at the moment shows that I am not yet ovulating, but if I do ovulate tomorrow or the next day, does this mean that I am NOT pregnant? As the pregnancy tests are showing that I am not pregnant at the moment, I am hoping that the ovulation test might give me more of an indication?! Could I still ovulate if I were pregnant now? I hope someone can help and give me some advice. I am going out of my mind not knowing, why my period didn't come, apart from light spotting, and why the pregnancy tests are negative? I hope someone can help! Thanks! xx


Jamie - February 12

No, you can't ovulate if you're pregnant. I would say to carry on TTC when you should next ovulate, and maybe schedule a dr's appt to have a blood test done. You may be pregnant, but have low HCG levels, resulting in a negative hpt.


robbinsnest - February 20

You cannot ovulate when pregnant. You could be pregnant, but need a blood test for it to show up this early.



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