Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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danielle - August 24

i just found out that i was 9 weeks. and i had no symtom what so ever! but, now im eating all the time and tiredness, nausea. and that's when i found out that i was pregant. im really happy!


hlo - September 26

hey yea um well i had s_x with my boyfriend and his condom broke but he didnt come inside me outside im not on pills but i think im fine how do i know if im pregnant ? please help me im scared


New Mom To Be - September 29

I am about 6 wks pg. My husband and I had not been trying, but this is something we both really want. I knew I was pregnant very early on, I hadn't even missed my period. I began getting fatigued earlier in the day, something just felt different with me, and then some of my most favorite foods began causing me stomach problems. After a few days I began feeling premenstral (bloated, tender b___sts, etc) I wasn't supposed to start for a while, but I convinced myself to wait and see if it was my period or if I would miss. I finally reached a point where I exhausted every other possibility and took a test. It was neg. A week and a half later (4 days before prd) I took another was pos!! Listen to your will tell you what you need and what is going on. Take a test as soon as you think a false negative is not a possibility. If you take one and it is neg, take another after the day you are supposed to start. If you start and your flow is different you may want to take a test anyways, some women "menstruate" their entire pregnancy.


toni - October 1

when would i know if i'm pregnat


rose - October 1

can you be on your period and still be pregnant?


allie - October 3

i am just wondering if im pregant because i was bleeding on a monday then it was just monday that i was bleeding then i started to blled on friday and im tried more and i freaking eat alot and i get sometimes my head hurts and i was get sick in the morings sometimes but i didnt get my period yet but i was spossed to get like week ago but now i dont if i am or not pregant ???????


April - October 3

how soon can i take a test? and wat are some symtoms i can get soon after right away? please help


mic - October 3

i was wondering if a woman can get pregnet after having her tubes tied and what are the symptoms?


karen - October 3

can you tell if your pregnant after one week?


Michelle - October 3

I sensed my pregnancy after about a week. Sounds crazy but I felt sick a week after I conceived then I felt like my period would come for 2 or 3 weeks after that. It turned out I was pregnant.


eddy aragon - October 3

my wife is late on her period but she does not have any of the symptoms


Laura - October 3

yes, depending on what symptoms you have. I knew I was pregnant 4 days after I conceived I went to dinner smelled something gross and that was it. Also my b___sts increase in size. Everyone will have different symptoms.


Jessica - October 3

I acctually have a question, Me and my boyfriend had s_x and it started off with a condom but some how while we were having s_x it came off causing are s_x to really be unprotected, i have had really bad cramps before periods and while having them for a while now so my doctor put me on Birth Control, This happend with me and him about a week after i started taking it and i take it used to stop my periods( the sesonale Kind) everything was going good and i went a month and a 1/2 with no period then after 2 weeks into my next pill pack i started bleeding at first very light then heavy and now light but its not a normal color of a period and has been cloting and there was a small tissue looking thing that came out. Does anyone know what this means im really scared?


jesse - October 3

how can u know in two month if u pregnant


amanda - October 4

hi i was wondering on any stories of people getting pregnant while b___stfeeding i have e 13 week old girl b___stfeed about 6 times in 24 hrs have had one period when she was about 8 weeks old i was on the pill for 2 weeks but this made me bleed all the time im wondering if that was a period so stopped around 5 weeks ago ive had light cramping in my lower abdomen for nearly 2 weeks also tender b___sts excessive tierdness is this normal after baby or could i be pregnant again im sure i have been ovulating ive had lots of unprotected s_x what do you think.


sarah - October 4

yesterday i had had s_x and before it was over the condum broke and were not sure but he busted in me can i be pregant



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