Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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from nc - April 26

Well no i yo can't tell


kknighto - April 27

I already have 2 boys. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was pregnant with them within a couple of days after conception. I could feel the changes happening in my body (like my b___sts becoming tender and feeling tired.) I am starting to feel that way again so I am pretty sure that when I take a home pregnancy test on May 3, it will have a positive sign. The only times I have ever felt like this is when I was pregnant.


Bev - April 28

I really don't think that is a stupid question cause its different for everyone.Yes Jessica i actually had a feeling i was preg so soon cause of the fact that i had morning sick three days after conception.We are all very different others find out very late and soon fing out extremely early like me then your pregnancy feels like a year and noy nine months.Good Luck Jessica


Sarah - April 28

Jessica that is not a dumb question, although if you don't know what your doing then you should not be having s_x espically only at 14. But it is possible to feel something only after a week.


Tera - April 28

YES YOU CAN, I've been pregnant 2X and my body felt different the next day. My b___sts immediately became tender and I had extreme fatigue which usually I do not. If you are a person who is very in touch with your body you know when somthing changes. It might not happen for everyone but that doesn't mean it never happens for anyone! IT IS NOT A STUPID QUESTION and the be-otchs that write that are ignorant.


jemma - May 3

i became pregnant in january and i lost my pregnance. i have been trying to get pregnant for about 2 weeks now and i feel pregnant i have tender b___bs and i feel bloted the reason i feel pregnant is because i have all the signs from my last pregnacy i just hope it goes alright for me. i dont think that it was a silly question she is young and dont know as much. i got a 14 year old sister and like i told her wait intill you find the right person before you make love and before you try to have a baby. all my love to all of you that are pregnant and that are trying for a baby cause i know how important it is for me to become pregnant





Stacey - May 8

For everyone that is telling her that the question was stupid, just shut it. Give her the support she wants. She doesnt want to be joked on because she wants to know an answer to a serious question. Try to be alittle more mature about this subject.


kelly - May 8

The only way you can tell for sure if you are pregnant after only one week would be to have a blood test. Your blood can show pregnancy hormone levels within days.


Don't stress - May 9

Im 15 and started haveing s_x when I was 13 and the day I lost it the condom broke.Best this to do is go on the b/c shot. You don't want a baby and you can't say it won't happen.Be smart and if you have any questions e-mail me at can help.I've been through it all. from PID's to miss caredges.E-mail me.


Don't stress - May 9

For all those women and girls that said it was stupied.Shut the hell up.The girl wanted help and as women we should give it to her.Whats stupied is not knowing and never asking.


jeremy - May 11

how soon after you have s_x before you can find out if your pregnant


Kim - May 12

how can you tell if you pregnant about a week


krisha - May 12

can you tell if your pregnet in a week


kesha - May 12

I am a 18 year old female, and I got a question alrite i am feelin the sleepy symptom, i have threw up one time and i dont know what else i can say but my period came on and lasted for about 8 days and the usual is 4 to 5 days everyone is saying i should go get checked out i might can be pregnant but i dont know, Yes i did have unprotected s_x about 2 times in the same night so i was just wondering could i be pregnant?


tehProgamer - May 12

i dont think so



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