Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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sarah - October 4

yesterday i had had s_x and before it was over the condum broke and were not sure but he busted in me can i be pregant


sarah - October 4

can you tell me if im pregant after a day or so


Alicia - October 4

everybody i have a question. Me and my ex boyfriend had s_x like 2 months ago and we used a condom and as far as im concerned everything went alright. We have since then broke up and i now have another boyfriend. Me and him had s_x like 5 times already and we used a condom every time. but, 2 times he put it in for like 30 seconds without a condom on then he put one on. i have been pregnant b4 and im starting to have the same symptoms i had b4 like peeing all the time and sleepyness and feeling kinda sick all the time. I know that there is a chance that i am pregnant, but do you think that it could be by my ex boyfriend?


Alicia - October 4

......and I already had my period for last month but it came like 6 days early. and it anly lastsd for like 3 days. my normal cycle lasts for 4 or 5 days. does that mean anything?


Olyvia - October 4

Jessica, yo probably had a miscarraige. you should go to the doctor and get checked out.


No - October 4

Wait 2 or 3 more weeks. I say, if you miss your period.


sam0309 - October 5

hi im 15 and had unprotected s_x yesterday with my boyfriend and im really really really worried that i could be pregnant. is it possible to get a pregnancy test and for it to be correct only after 1 day?


Cathy - October 5

Sam, It is best to take a pregnancy test if you are late for your period. Some test can detect the hormone up to 4 days before a missed period, I pray that you are not pregnant and that you will learn from this. Please use protection if you are going to engage in s_xual activity. My neice is 15 and I know that she is s_xually active but she couldn't talk about these things with her mother, so she came to me. We have discussed birth control and the use of condoms not only for unwanted pregnancy but to protect from s_xually transmitted diseases. Please if you cannot talk to your parents about this find someone you can confide in. Good luck taking that test and please be more careful in the future.


to sam - October 5

You couldn't take a pregnancy test, but you could look into the morning after pill?


samantha - October 5

ok thank you loads but im not late for my period im not due for another 3 weeks but that dont stop the worry. and my boyfriend knows how worried i am and is very supportive.


skylar - October 5

no u cant but if u have been before tha u might can be able to tell.


Brandi 20 yrs. old - October 5

I have been having pains in my stomach for about 2 weeks. Is this a sign that i might be pregnant? I need to know so i will know the next step. Thank you fo all your support.


sasha - October 5

hey there if someone can help me out this would be great. My boyfriend & I are trying to have a baby :) and of course I am eagerly excited to find out but unfortunately have to wait :( Anyway I had my menstrual on 9/9- and it lasted about 14 days. It was a really over due menstrual. Anyways my doctor had put me on a diffferent kind of birth control I was on that not even for maybe 4 days and got off to try and have a baby. And about 2 days after I got off I started another period. Lasted from 9/29- 10-5 very short compared to last. We had s_x a few times each day leading up to my first menstrual, and few days leading up to my 2nd , in the middle of my 2nd and after. I have been feeling weird in my stomach, really bloated, tired, hungry, and have this liquidy feeling down south. I dont know if thats ovulation ? or what. But is it possible for this to feel like this so quickly? I also noticed when I wipe there is spotting kind of a brownish color that is very light.... Can someone help me out... and also let me know by looking at my dates when would be the best time that I am ovulating because I am having an air head moment and can figure that out. THANKS !


sarah - October 5

does a guy have to fully c_m to get a girl pregnet can c_m have a lil release befor it all comes out at once??


TruckinFool - October 5

Just wondering...6 months later....did she ever figure out if she was pregnant or not?


dan-yell - October 6

how can i tell if im pregnant after having s_x like lastweek. would i know but i think i am cause it was unprotected s_x too so could i be pregnant i want to know so i can tell my boyfriend.



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