Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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dan-yell - October 6

how can i tell if im pregnant after having s_x like lastweek. would i know but i think i am cause it was unprotected s_x too so could i be pregnant i want to know so i can tell my boyfriend.


ashliegh - October 8

yes you can have your period and be preg. cause my grandma had her period for 5 mths before she found out she was preg. but its not that good for the baby though.


??? - October 8

if you use a condom and he says he knows that he didn't get it in you are you sure you should trust him.. im trying to im just worried because i had s_x the day my period left... i need an answer asap


danielle - October 8

I had s_x with my boyfriend On Wednesday and I have been sick everyother day lately only for like half hour to a hour. and being sick is a sign of being pregnant Do you think I could be pregnant. and how soon can you take a pregnancy test after you had s_x? and it be accurate


to jess - October 9

I had been preg. 2 before this last pregnancy, and I knew two in a half months before the doctors knew-because of how close I conceived and my period was suppoused to start I had to wait that long just for a test to prove I was. Your body will start changing in a way your not used to, especially if its your first time being preg. but I would take a deep breath, stop having s_x until you know, and also while your waiting, talk to someone that can answer all your questions accuretly-like a doctor. by the way, doctors can't tell anyone you don't want them to, about what you talk about!!


nikinoo - October 9

[email protected] fool!! again you make me laff! so true tho....wonder if she was pregnant etc...alot of these long outgrown posts have alot of unanswered questions! meh!


Beth - October 9

I have s_x last week can you tell me if u can get pregnant after a having s_x after a week?


mm - October 9

I had s_x about 2 weeks ago. I am on the pill however i missed one day(fri)but i took it the next day(sat) like you are suppose to and i figured id take that days pill(sat) several hours later so i ended up taking it early (sun) morning. and took sundays pill as normal. Myy question is is it possible to become PG. ANd if so what would be some symptoms that might occur 2 weeks later.


Alice - October 10



cynthia - October 10

i son't know. im like the one that wants some stuff expained for her. im experiencing tiredness, hungary, craving ,illness, and late what is ur answers to me.


noeny - October 10

Can i still fall pregnant if i am not ovulating, what are my chances of being pregnant?


jackie - October 10

planning to have a baby. my husband and I have just been trying since this Friday the 7 of October. My last period ended on October 4th. When should we check if we're pregnant...I know it's too soon.


holly - October 10

i am 17 and came n this sight to find the answer to the same question you ased, as i know iv been stupid and think i might be pregnant as im v.late dont worry bout it your not stupid sites like this are good as you get other peoples perspectives!


Lone - October 11

i just got back from the doctor today and he said i was pregant but didn't know how far along i was. and me and my boyfriend had s_x last monday and he told me he didn't c_m in me and i trusted him what should i do


sasha - October 11

This is too Lone. I am so sorry to hear that sounds like he is not very trusting. But on the other hand if you are ready to have a child you should have been protected. It takes 2.


Lisha - October 12

Dam I definatley don't think that's a dumb question and I'm 19. I had unprotected s_x on a Friday and am supposed to get my period on Wednesday but I've been experiencing fatigue, hotness, slight morning sickness. And honestly I feel that was a very good question because I know a lot of females want to know. The only thing is honestly at that age you probably shouldn't be having s_x. But if you choose to stay safe and remember if your old enought to be doin the grown up, deal wit the grown up consequences young ladies



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