Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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Lisha - October 12

Dam I definatley don't think that's a dumb question and I'm 19. I had unprotected s_x on a Friday and am supposed to get my period on Wednesday but I've been experiencing fatigue, hotness, slight morning sickness. And honestly I feel that was a very good question because I know a lot of females want to know. The only thing is honestly at that age you probably shouldn't be having s_x. But if you choose to stay safe and remember if your old enought to be doin the grown up, deal wit the grown up consequences young ladies


daniell - October 12

if u are pregant and ur not sure . i want to know if ur belly has to be round when u just got pregnat


worried - October 12

i had s_x about a week before i was supposed to start my period and my period is a day late. is it possible that i am pregnant???


Ella - October 14

I cant get pregnant I checked with a doctor several times but she says everything is fine. But I dont want to take no medications I want to get pregnant naturally and I been married for a year and 5 month. I am waithting every month is it because I have s_x many times during my clean days. Could haveing s_x more often prevent me from gettting pregnant? And next week I am suppose to get my period next friday and I already took a pregnancy test does that mean I am not pregnant?


Lashonda - October 15

i have not had a period this month and it is the second week late and i took two pregnancy test and they were negative. but i have had nausea and vmoitting and extremely tired


oks - October 16

i had unprotected s_x on the 18th day of my period, and then had s_x again (this time with condom) 1 week after that. my period came the next day. It was 5 days early. the period lasted 5 days and was very heavy with cramps. after the period, I had cramps/tingling sensation below both ribs for about a week. could I be pregnant? I am not sure if you can feel implantation as cramps and if so, were the fertilized eggs implanted or washed away?


Tanisha wallace - October 18

yes you can


aj - October 18

can you still get pernet even when you used a condom


Tina - October 18

Hi. Has anybody gotten pregnant after having their tubes burnt?


mysterious - October 18

well i dont know how to post a question so here a question, me and my b4 has s_x last wedsnday adn the condom fell off inside me, and we didnt realize untill he sed he had c_mmed and i am worried out of my mind cuz we r both going to colege and we dont want a kid and i wanted to know if i can take apregnancy test right now and if so would it be accurate ?


TO MYSTERIOUS - October 19

No you cannot take a home pregnancy test right now it wont be acccurate enough to show the hormone in your body. The home pregnancy tests usually you can take 4-5 days before your next menstrual. Unless you go to the doctor to take a blood test but I even heard that soon after may not have enough showing for them to see whether it is positive or not.


Kara Price - October 19

I took a pregnancy test the day after i didnt start, and it came out negative, but it has been two weeks since and i still havent started.. what is goin gon?? should i try another test?


to karea - October 19

i would try another one if you are 2 weeks past when your menstrual was suppose to start. I would think it should show by now if you are. But again there is other things that can play a part like stress, or hormonal imbalance ect...


No you cannot - October 19



nikki - October 20

i had s_x on sept 11 n my period comes on the 7 but this months it didnt come on the 7th of oct,it still never came n its the 20th n i was feelin sick n i vomited today.N my stomach feels weird i took a test in sept n it said negavite.Do u think im pregnant


deliathe roddy - October 20

I had stop b___st feeding within the 1st week after my baby was born then this weekend I had have s_x I want to to no if it's possible to get pregnant again? please e-mail me at to let me no my question thank you!.



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