Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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tehProgamer - May 12

i dont think so


hi - May 12

that was not a stupid question. Some people do not know because they might have never been pregnant before but usually hon you can feel it after 2 weeks. but it depends on you and your body NO ONE is that same people.


Anne - May 13

Its not a stupid question. Especially if you have been trying for ages. Its a perfectly valid question as many women may have get different symptons each month.


None - May 14

That is not a stupid question at all, and for all of you that have given nothing but ignorant answers just to be plain mean, then shame on you. What kind of world are we living in, if somebody tries to ask for help, and all we do is poke fun and ridicule. Jessica- obviously you are concerned, and there is reason to be. However, you are going to have to wait until you have missed your next period(if you do) to find out for sure if you are pregnant through a HPT(home pregnancy test) I don't believe you should rely on symptoms you just "feel". I do however think that 14 is so young to be getting involved in s_x. You have so much to look foward to in life, and the "GOOD GUYS" always admire the girls who wait, it sounds silly, but they do. Peer Pressure is so hard to overcome, but think of the reprecussions if you give in! Hope this helps! Hang in there and everything will be alright. Abstinence is the best policy!


maggie - May 15

i have pain in my stomack its priod pain but no blood wats that mean


maggie - May 15

can you tell if your pregnant and on and off pain bbut noo bnlood


JB - May 15

Jessica, you can't know 100% if you are or not yet, but there are many different signs that could tell you if you are. I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and I knew that I was when I was about a week and a half, but that's only because of the symptoms that I had. I honestly just felt different. Was really tired for about 3 weeks and wasn't sure if it was just stress from work or what it was. But when I thought that I was and it was still too early for a test, I talked to a few friends and told them that I thought that I was. When the test came back positive, I was more relieved than anything. As far as it being a stupid question, it isn't sweetie, you never know unless you ask.


Kitt - May 19

I'm 18 years old, my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x on the 13th, and my period was due 4 days ago on the 18th, and my b___sts have been really tender for about a week... and ive noticed that im craving food like crazy... like food i never liked before? could that be enough time to get pregnant, and would i be having these symptoms? thanks


m - May 19

I think the question you were asking for was if you could take a pregnancy test a week after conception to see if you're pregnant? Is that right? If so, it might be possible, but maybe not accurate. If you were wondering if you start feeling symptoms, well, maybe not. It's kinda too early, however, your intuition might fall into play, or you might be very in tune to your body and feel like something is 'different' and the wondering may begin. The best thing for you to do if you're scared you might be, is to wait and get a preggo test. If you find out you're NOT pregnant, I hope you got a scare that was strong enough to make you abstain from s_x, or go on the pill, use condoms, etc... Use protection of some sort to keep yourself from getting pregnant. Hormones are hard to control when you're young and your mind is curious about s_x, but truly, Jessica, either save yourself for your future husband, or do something protective wise to keep from getting an STD or Pregnant.


m - May 19

oops... this is an old thread. Jessica must be gone by now. Hopefully this wasn't just another kid playing with Pregnancy boards. That is very annoying.


: ) - May 19

The answer is yes. Some women can tell after a week. And some of the early test pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone 7-10 day after conception. Read it for yourself off of the teststrip page you can buy from this website. Last I checked, 7 days was 1 week. Jessica, or anyone else wondering, if you had s_x the day you were ovulating you'd probably test positive 7 days later w/ one of these tests. You may even have symptoms. Alot of times your insticts tell you your pregnant before you can really put a finger on what exactly feels different.....As far as I could tell, that was the only question here.....For those of you w/ nasty reply's - who is the one that really looks stupid?? Hint - it's not Jessica or anyone else wondering about a similar question......If you can't share a helpful response w/ the forum, please, don't bother.


Tiffany - May 24

14 is young but having a baby is a wonderful experiance. Someone told me that if you want it bad enough it will happen. I wish I could answer your question, but all I can tell you is wait and if you miss ur period take a test. Good Luck!


sonia - May 24



Mary - May 24

ok im 15 and today while having s_x the condom bf thinks im goin to get pregnant, when do the signs show for most of you??


Nicole - May 24

First I would like to know why there are young, I mean young children on here. I can understand why some are scared that they might be pregnant but who do they think they are bothering others. That was not a stupid question, I'd rather a young girl ask then hide the fact that they are pregnant and dump the child on someone’s doorstep or in the garbage. For the girls, you know who you are...grow just might end up in the same position. Girls like you have a very bad outlook on life and seem to find nothing better to do than to come onto a Pregnancy website and nuisance other people. Everyone has a right to ask questions and too receive answers since this is a forum where many have the opportunity to find and inquire information. I agree with many, at 14 way to young to have s_x but if you seem to feel the need to have it do it the smart way. Condoms …. Always use them ! Even if he tells you that it doesn’t feel good with a condom on…’re the one that gets pregnant, he could leave you and that’s it. Your decision….be smart.


natalie - May 24

well its been a week for me and im scaed because my belly hurts and cant suck it in or push it in without it hurting belly pokes out im tired alot, hungry more



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