Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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natalie - May 24

well its been a week for me and im scaed because my belly hurts and cant suck it in or push it in without it hurting belly pokes out im tired alot, hungry more


Ang - May 25

Yes by doing a blood test I am in the same boat where I think I might be and it's only 7 days...I called the doctor and they said blood work can show up after 1 week


Jessica - May 25

Why does it burn when I pee?


To Jessica - May 25

If it burns when you pee, you may have a bladder infection. Go check it out with a doctor.


B - May 26

well i think i am pregnant i had s_x 2 times after my period but i dont know i think there is a big chance isnt it??


B - May 26

Is there a big chance of being pregnant if after a day ur period went away u had s_x and then 2 days later u have s_x again is there a chance of being pregnant????


B - May 26

Is there a big chance of being pregnant if after a day ur period went away u had s_x and then 2 days later u have s_x again is there a big chance of being pregnant????


Christina - May 26

No question is stupid and the person who wrote that is another name for a female dog!! Just because you know the answer to that doesn't mean everyone does!! Jessica, no it is not likely that you will have any symptoms a week after s_x. You will have to wait until you miss your period and then take a test to find out. The earliest symptoms of pregnancy are, tender b___sts, missed period, and tiredness. These are usually felt after your period is missed.


Dani - May 27

No you can't. You have to wait until your next period is due. Sometimes, it is possible to get a "early detection pregnancy test" in which you can test if ur pregnant 7-10 day's after conception. I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to get pregnant and cannot wait to find out. Alternatively, you can see your local doctor and get a blood test. You will have an answer in 24hrs. Hope this helps.


Kir - May 27

I don't know because I'm in the same situation, so I can't really say.


abby - May 28

i really don't think you are stupid i actually cam on here asking the same question i have a 3 month old right now and i just had s_x a week ago and i have felt nausiated tired and i am always hungry before i never ate because i thought i was so fat! so there is a possibilty but i dunno i guess i will just go take a test never know!!


jue - May 28

Hi girls, I had symptoms 6 days past ovulation with my first and knew I was prggers before my dr even did a test, so yes some do know that they are, in your case jessica it all depends on when your next period is due, if you can let me know I can tell you if you need to do a test or not, but you definatley need to see your doctor as it sounds like you have got a water infection, you could also ask him about doing a test. if it turns out that you are not pregnant then I suggest you do some reading about pregnancy and ovulation and also speak to your doctor about the pill but you should use condoms as they will protect you from some very nasty things that you can get from boys when having s_x, you might not sleep around but you can't prove that the boy you have s_x with has never had s_x with any one else but you so it is better to be safe than sorry, some std's can stop you every being able to have babies at all so use a condom and be safe. good luck, and if you need anything just ask. some of the ladies on here have forgotten what is was like to be 14 and scared, i am glad you had the guts to ask for help most don't :))))


karina - May 28

i had the same feelina few months ago, tried to ignore it but my period was a week and 6 days late, which is very odd for me? what do u think it culd b, and it was a strange one so still wonderin if it was a miscarriage. but this has made me want a baby even more, im gettin married in 3 weeks jun 18th, 4 days after my 20th bday, and starting 2 feel sore b___sts and bach ache after ovualtion on the 16th. do i ignore this in fear of gettin my hopes up again?


Mel - May 28

It is way too early to know if u are or not they say 14days after s_x is when to do a test as the hcg level isn't high enough before then, but with saying that it was about a week and a bit after i feel that i had very sore b___bs but i'm having twins not sure if that is why but still i had to wait till at least 5 days before i was due and using a early preg test i got a very faint line and did another test to confirm 5 days later and got a nice strong line. Good luck Mel


kelly - May 29

i had s_x without a condom a week ago and i'm having some symptoms but i don't know if im pregnant cuz im on my period but my mom says you can still have your period while pregnant am i pregnant?


Renee - May 30

I wanted to know about that too, I had s_x of the 23rd, and I started my period today, but my best friend who is 5 months said she still had her period, her doctor said that she had what is called a contraceptive period. So does that mean that I could still be pregnant also. I only have one test and i'm trying to save until it's been long enough.



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