Can Your Bady Only Have Girls

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sandy8283 - June 11

can your body only carry one s_x like girls and miscarry boys ?????


Mommy - June 11

Nope, never heard such a thing. I'm pretty sure if you are going to have numerous miscarriages it won't be because of the gender.


DrK - June 11

Ummm......No. The s_x depends on the sperm. There is case of men who have higher counts of male or female sperm, but I think that is pretty rare. Your body will not be able to determine the s_x of the child. Im guessing you might have had more than one m/s all the same s_x. Its just an unfortunate statistic. Good luck


Lala - June 12

Actually many early miscarriages are the result of an unhealthy/misformed embryo. And, as a matter of fact, some women (these are rare conditions) are carriers for x-linked chromosomal diseases that would only affect their sons. I could see that leading to miscarriages of boys. Although, many times, these affected boys are born, but have the disease. If you suspect something like this, you should talk to your doc, and see if you can see a genetic counsoler. best to you!


ChannY - June 12

I actually thought the only way women miscarried if that because it's not meant to be or something? God took it away because it wasn't meant to be? That all I know.


Newhoneybuns - June 12

I actually heard of that too. But then again i don't know if it could be myth or facts. But i know more than one women that can only carry one s_x or the other. One i know for example she had 7 misscariages all were girls and then she had 2 healthy boys. Me i had 2 misscariages 2 boys and now am pregnant with baby girl. So i have no idea if i believe it or not . But one thing i do believe is that God is in it for something :-)


chandellina - June 12

channy there are actually a lot of reasons for miscarrying, like blood clotting problems and other disorders that can make women lose babies. it's true that the cause often isn't known though and women usually go on to have healthy babies.



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