Canadian Maternity And Parental Leave Question

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B - November 16

I know that with regular maternity and parental leave you can get up to 50 weeks paid. I heard that you may be able to extend parental leave WITHOUT pay but still get your job back after further time off. Is that correct? Does anyone know?


Tess - November 16

B, it varies from state to state and Im not to familiar about FMLA there in Canada. If you want you can check this website then click maternity leaves and pregnancy questions. Im not sure if we have the same law here (US) and there in Canada. All I know is we get 12 wks unpaid leave under FMLA if the Co. you works for have 50 or more employees in a 75 mile radius..and its diff. too in some state.


Charlene - November 16

Youc an also alternate your maternity leave and the parental leave. So you could take a week, then the hubby and then you etc.... I am not sure about any unpaid extensions though. Go to to the Government of Canada and search there - plus you'll also wnat to check out Provincial regulations and even your own employment info. My job tops up Maternity leave for 3 months. I am in Calgary AB - good luck. You could also always just phone the gvt - I'll resort to that as I need to ask about having two jobs and how that affects my payments.


B - November 16

I'm in BC. I don't think the laws are the same in Canada as the US. WE get 50 weeks here paid unemployment. I thought though that they had to keep your job open for up to an extra year as long as you don't ask for an extension of benefits. I don't know where I saw that. Maybe Workopolis. I checked the Gov't of Canada website and it didn't say much.


Shannon - November 16

I just went through all of this and tried to figure it out ad this is what it seems to be (I work in a law firm in Toronto) You are elegible for up to 17 weeks pay maternity leave BEFORE your due date. As long as you apply at least 8 weeks prior to your due date you can push those 17 weeks until after your due date. So the 35 weeks you are eligible for after birth can become 52 weeks if you chose to leave the week you are due. If you want to start unemployment 2 weeks BEFORE your due date you are eligible for 50 weeks AFTER birth. So you are ent_tled to up to 17 weeks prior and 35 weeks after, but as long as you apply 8 weeks before your due date then you can lump them all together for after you give birth. There is also the option to take up to one year sickness leave AFTER your maternity and parental leave has expired, but this is WITHOUT pay. You are guaranteed your job back after this time. Any more questions dont hesitate to ask!!


Michelle - November 16

When I went on Ma leave, I got a full year of Mat/parental payments. I never knew anything about the extention, but you and your man can both share it. You 6 months him 6 months. I am not sure about the further time off, but I know that after one year my job was still available to me if I wanted it, but I phoned in 2 weeks before it was done to say that I wasn't returning. Good Luck with everything and let us know.


To Shannon - November 17

Thank you so much. It was the without pay for one extra year (sick leave) that I was curious about. I'd rather have that extra year than the money but still the option to go back to my old job afterwards.


From Shannon - November 17

No problem! I was very confused too when I first looked into it all. I hope you understood all my rambling :)



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