Cannot Do Anything

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shey - October 24

I'm on my 8th week now and since my 4th week, i seem to be feeling tired and nauseated all the time. i cannot do anything anymore... all i do is sleep all day. i dont even go out of the house anymore... =( i throw up everyday during afternoon and i when i eat dinner, i would just throw up minutes after... what should i do?? please help.... everyday i would just cry to my husband for feeling like this....


Steph - October 24

Usually what you are describing only lasts for the first twelve weeks and then it should subside. If your nasuea (sp?) gets to be so bad, you should speak to your doctor about it. He/she may have something to give you that may help it out. Try eating smaller meals during the day and if it is your prenatal that is causing you to throw up, you can try a prenatal that does not contain iron. Good luck to you, you'll feel better soon... :o)


gYpSyRoSe - October 25

I am on my 10th week and have been super ill since I was just 2 weeks pregnant. I can't do a thing but sleep and watch Oprah and Dr. Phil. I feel like a lazy bum. I too cry to my husband. I call him at work, and cry and I miss him when he is gone, but as soon as he comes through the door I turn evil, and I hate that. I am having all the bad hormonal stuff that comes along with it all. I have gotten more hours where I am not sick as the weeks go on, I am hoping that the 12 week mark will save me. I did talk to my Dr. and she gave me these nasea pills that make me go to sleep. Those help, but I do get knocked out when I take them. All I do is lay in bed and gag, moan and groan and roll around in agony. So Hang in there and know that you are not alone.


Jk - October 25

I too cry and moan to my hubby! My house is way messier than usual and I dont want to cook because it makes me even sicker!! I call in sick to work at least once a week. Im now 10weeks and starting to feel better. Try taking your prenatal before bedtime, that helped me. Also if you feel bad and have the opportunity try and take a nap. Sleeping made me feel better. Hang in there!! This will be behind you in no time!!


Linds - October 25

Aww i know how you feel. When i was 8-16 weeks i thought i would die. i was never hungry, always tired and ever smell made me wanna die. even hubbys soap. I did great after that and now at 33 weeks i am starting to get sick again :( good luck ladies!


jo - October 26

sounds v similar. I am in my 10th week now. Been feeling sick since week 6. Always feel v nauseated in late afternoon and nite. Sometimes the stomache churning is so bad that i wake up in the middle of the nite to puke. Hang on there...hope things will get better as we reach our 2nd trimester....cheers...



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