Cannot Find That Damn Book Wtewye

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April - August 31

Can you believe that I cant find the book "what to expect when your expecting" everywhere sells out of it as sooooon as they get it!! Anyways, thanks to you guys I can get answers! Is it normal this early in pregnancy (5 weeks) to be starving!! I know Im eatign for two now....but its just so tiny, would my appet_te be more this soon?? I find I am eating, 4+ times a day and snacking all the time. Im gonna be a whale!! AHAHA!!


SaRaH - August 30

Maybe you can find it on the internet. Good luck! It is ok to eat as much as you want. If you eat or not the baby will get its food from your body. It lives off of you. CoNgRaTs!!!!!!!!!


Tonia - August 30

It can be normal because everyone's pregnancy is different. Doctor's like to see around 35 lbs. weight gain with a baby. Your doctor will monitor your weight and let you know if you are over doing it with the food. The main point is to just be healthy which I am sure you are. The book you are referring to I have seen at Border's bookstore and Target. Alot of times bookstores can and will order it for you if they are sold out. Checking on the internet is a great idea. I think you will enjoy the book and it will help out as far as a guide. Congrats!


April - August 30

Ok see 35 pounds seems ALOT for me... I am 5'4 and weigh 120lbs. So 35 extra pounds sounds like A LOT to me! WOW! I am going to check online for that book.. I saw "what to eat when you are expecting" that one looked good.. tells you what to eat to avoid bloating.. and salt free things so u dont retain water. Lots of stuff. Might go back and get that one.


kellie - August 30

check consignment stores for your book like children and baby consignment stores the ones that i go to have copys of that book all the time just a couple days ago one of them had 7 copies of the d__n thing....Good luck to you


Leanette - August 31

Gargage sales are good too. If you see a gargage sell with alot of baby clothers alot of times the woman is selling different types of books on pregnancy and/or babies. I got this book as well as some others at a garage sale.



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