Cant Sleep

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Melissa - July 14

im about 1 and half month to 2 months having problems sleeping at night...during the day im sooo tired and cant wait to go to sleep at night and past weeks i was able to fall asleep early but now even though i was tired all day i cant seem to fall asleep till around 2 or 3 a.m but during the day if im extremely tired i'll lay down and im able to fall asleep easier although i barely do...but when it comes to night i just cant sleep even if im dead tired once i go to bed im awake...and the weird thing is if i get out of bed and go on the computer or read or do something else im tired again until i hit the bed then im awake....can any1 help or give suggestions?


dani - July 14

Melissa, I had the same problem as you and now it's back again. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and can't get comfortable at night. I go to sleep fine and then wake up 2 hrs later, then I'm up for about an hour or so, then back to bed again, up early. I'm so exhausted. There is over the counter medication you can take that is safe for sleeping, like, benadryl, tylenol pm. I would check with your dr about the tylenol pm, though. I know that benedryl is safe. I think it has something to do with our hormones. They say your supposed to sleep better in your second trimester but not me. Hope you get some sleep.....


glendy - July 15

not to be the bearer of bad news, but just wait till you hit the third trimester. thats when it really gets tough. everytime i even begin to feel comfortable in a position the baby moves or does something and basically i am tossing and turning all night. not too mention it seems that he does 95% of his movement at's wonderful don't get me wrong, but i swear i almost get motion


Karen - July 15

Hi, I am having similar problems with sleep....fall asleep okay but wake for loo around 2 ish and then wide awake from there onwards....I think its hormones but also natures way of preparing us for night feeds...good luck and remember it doesnt last forever... ;)_


LabChick - July 20

Hi, My Dr. prescribed me ambien for a sleep aid around 25 weeks pregnant. I had all those problems as well. I tried everything, the over the counter stuff, warm milk, even lavender smells to help get sleepy, none worked. I became very exhausted. The ambien is given to us pregnant folks and works like a dream. You get a full nights sleep. Your first night or two taking it will make you a little drowsy the next day but after that you wake up fine. So good luck!



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