Cant Think Of A Middle Name That Goes With It

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sandra - October 14

what about ashley jayne


annoyed - October 15

well then idiot pick a different first name


Gemma - October 15

To annoyed Go away you loser!


Rachel.R - October 15

to annoyed - if your not interested in posting something nice, dont post at all.. I like the name ashley, and that WILL be my daughters name... im just having trouble finding a nice name that goes with it. And to gemma... thankyou.


annoyed - October 15

Rachel,i am sorry i apologize for my severe rudeness.i know nothing can justify it but i am sorry and yes ashley is a cute name im just being a b___h because my dream is going so wrong.i wont post on here again im sorry if i hurt your feelings or made you an a__s.


sc - October 16

to annoyed. I have seen your nasty postings on several threads. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. You are not alone. I also have endometriosis and I am desperate for another baby but I will keep hoping. You should look for a support group or something instead of being horrible. people will understand and sympathise with you.


annoyed - October 17

yes i know i was very wrong.i do feel bad for my behavior and i am ashamed of myself.normaly i am a good person and i do apoligize to you rachel


Rachel.R - October 17

Thankyou for your apology, this is my first baby, and im new to all of this.


Lisa - October 17

Formally known as annoyed,Rachel thank you so much for accepting my apology.i really did feel awful for what i see i know i cant justify my rudeness in any way but i just found out i have endomertist and i cant any more kids.i only have one and i only wanted one only dream will stay a dream forever now.but good luck on finding a name Rachel and on the baby.


Rachel.R - October 17

Lisa, Im really sorry to hear that. A friend of my mums has it aswell, she was also devistated at the thought of not having any more children, but sure enough, she had a beautiful little boy a few years after being diagnosed. So there is some hope.. and I hope u do fall pregnant again. I also read up on it, and there is hope. Goodluck with everything aswell


Lisa - October 17

Rachel,thank you for trying to give me hope but i have been trying for several years well my son is 10 and i aint got pregnant again so recently went to doc and got my terrible news so i dont know.but once again thank you for forgiving me i was so wrong and i still feel so seem really sweet.


sandra - October 17

to lisa, hi, i have had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in my right tube and ovary being removed. since then the scar tissue has caused endometriosis and i have stopped ovulating, but i too am desperate for another baby. I hope it will happen in its own good time and I will keep trying. Babydust to you x


Julia - October 17

What about 'Olivia'...i like that name and plan to use it myself.


LISA - October 17

Sandra,i wish you the best on ttc.i hope i might conceive but its been several years.i cant get my hopes dream got shattered when the doc told me i cant have more kids.and Rachel Julia has a good name there Olivia.ASHLEY OLIVIA that sounds really cute



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