Carpal Tunnel

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Paula - February 27

Has anyone here had to deal with carpal tunnel syndrom during pregnancy? I now know it's fairly common but I had never heard of it happening during pregnancy until I got it. I was just wondering if it will go away by itself or am I going to have to go to a chiropractor or something?


Litilu - March 3

I'm currently in week 30 and I've had carpal tunnel since my 4th month. Unfortunately it's only gotten worse. The doc keeps telling me that it will go away after delivery. I bought a wrist brace, which has aleviated the pain for hte most part. I sleep with the brace on so that my wrist is not so sore in the mornings. It works.


Rachel - March 3

Get ma__sage. you body pulls your upper body forward somewhat and causes the brachial plexus (nerves) to be trapped therefore causing Carpal Tunnel. Find a good ma__sage therapist to release those muscles and it will help a LOT.


Paula - March 3

Thanks a lot for the info. I like the sound of a ma__sage. Never had one before. :)


~m~ - March 3

I feel your pain girls!! In about my 3rd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy, it set in, and it set in hard! It got worse every day and by the end of my pregnancy, I could not even lift anything with my left hand/arm. I all but lost total control of it. It was miserable. My right hand got bad, too. I could barely write. It all started getting better about a week after I gave birth. However, my left hand and arm are not the same. There are still things that I have trouble doing. I never brought this up to my doc and I regret it. I have no idea if he could have done anything, but now I'm afraid I have nerve damage. Girl, I hope yours doesn't get as bad as mine! Take care of yourself. Try one of those braces like Litilu talked about..... and get that ma__sage Rachel suggested! :o)


P - March 3

Thanks ~m~. Mine didn't set in until I was about 30 weeks. It's in my right hand, my left is okay. The last weeks or so the pain has eased slightly but I the tips of my fingers are all numb now! Too weird. I'm having my baby by c-section next Friday so I hope it will get better fast. Will a weeks worth of ma__sage do any good? How often do you go? I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but I don't know squat about them. Other then I know I don't go to the ma__sage places open until 4am. lol


KM - March 3

I had it too. I am still experiencing it I think.


Jenny - March 4

With my first child it went away after she was born. I had it in both wrist.


Missy - March 4

What does carpal tunnel feel like? I type all day at work (I am a paralegal, lots of typing involved) and I am constantly having to shake my hands, they feel cold and stiff....Is that carpal tunnel?


~m~ - March 4

Missy, I'm sure there are cts cases that aren't as painful as others. But if it feels more like your fingers are just getting tired and maybe your wrists are stiff, that may not be cts. With me, it was all about pain, and I was limited in many everyday things. Such as picking up the laundry detergent with my left hand. I use that example because that is something I do almost every day. Family of 4 = lots of laundry! LOL Anyhoo, I'd pick it up with my left hand to pour into the cap, and it would kill me. I started using my right hand for almost everything. I hope you do not get this! Out of curiosity, is your keyboard ergonomic? You may have heard me say this, but I am a business teacher. Therefore, I am at my computer most of the time. Even during my lectures I am using my computer because it projects onto my Smart Board. Last year my lab got new computers and the keyboards are ergonomic. They took some getting used to. But I can really tell a difference in how my wrists feel! You might ask the office manager or attorney to purchase one of those for you if you don't already have one.


Missy - March 4

~m~ Thanks for the info.....LOL on asking my boss for new stuff....I work for a very small office, at the moment (ok, for the last 6 months) it is just me here - my boss comes in to play with the accounting software. I do everything from the payroll to office managment to paralegal stuff to receptionist to taking the old man's laundry across the street....useless old man!!! But I will talk to him and we will see what he says....


~m~ - March 4

Missy, sounds like you do everything but represent the clients! Sounds like it's time for a raise! LOL


Missy - March 4

~m~ I do that too!! I meet with the new clients that come in if he can't be bothered to come in...which is most of the time...but hey, I don't do too bad come Friday so I can't really complain. I have no idea what he is going to do while I am on maternity leave - looks like he might have to actually ~gasp~ work!! But he is being pretty understanding about everything, no problems when I go to the Drs or anything, and once the "Bean" is here, I plan on working from home two days a week and coming here three, I guess all my hard work now will pay off then.


Stacie - March 7

I have cts 34 week it started out mild and has been getting progressively worse. It is so painful at this time I only sleep about 3 hrs a night. I am recieving therapy 4 times a week & It helps some. I also wear gloves at night to try keep down the swelling.


Carri - May 17

I know I'm having it bad right now and I'm only halfway through. I have no idea how I'm going to keep working much longer since I process claims all day. I have a wrist brace for sleeping in which helps somewhat but I think I need to find one that I can use while working too. I have to wait til I pa__s my probationary period at work before I can push for all the ergonomic equipment.


P - May 17

I feel your pain but believe me, it disapeared like it was never there within a week or so of having my daughter.


Carri - May 20

Okay - I found some things that are helping me... 1) I got a stiff brace for sleeping in 2) I got a pair of "SmartGlove" for working on the computer during the day. I still have a bit of tingling in the fingertips but at least I'm not in pain anymore. Hope this info helps you other ladies.



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