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nicole - April 21

so when the baby originally flipped to the head down position i felt it, like he was about to literally fall out. but then the other day i was walking and i had the same feeling like he dropped even more. and i look in the mirror yesterday and my belly is waaay lower than it was before that drop feeling. right now im 33 weeks and last fri my doctor did an internal and said my cervix was long and closed but she could feel baby. so im curious if its even possible for him to drop any lower. and if so does that mean that he might be coming out soon?


April - April 21

I'm not sure but I've been carrying pretty low my whole pregnancy and it worried me, but my doctor said that's actually a blessing because it'll stretch everything out down there and make for an easier labor...


nicole - April 21

yea. i have this huuuge pressure when i stand and walk but it goes away when i sit, and she said its nothing to worry about until i still have the pressure while sitting. but i also asked her about this scratching feeling i get on my cervix, and she said its bc of him moving and touching on it, and bc theres soooo many nerves in it it can be painful sometimes and stop u in ur tracks, and its done that to me several times. but when i told her ive had that for a few weeks she looked kinda suprised, bc she said its something that usually only happend towards the very end. so who knows, i predict hes coming out by the 35th week.


Maddie - April 22

Wow. I thought I was unusually low. I'm at 32 weeks, and to the point where I can actually feel the baby moving right below where my pubic hair starts!!! Are you guys also carrying boys?? I heard that's an old wives tale, but it's true for me. Nicole, let us know if your prediction is right...I'd like to have mine at 35 weeks I am carrying quite a large baby-zilla!


April - April 22

I'm carrying a girl... I hope at least haha.. I've had 2 ultrasounds that both showed girl (one at 21 weeks and one at 25) but the lady doing the ultrasound joked that they could be undecended t______es... of course my ultrasound was on April fools day... so i think she was joking... is there a chance i could be carrying a boy?? anyway... I can feel her kick sometimes and it feels like she's gonna stick her foot right out... she's transverse right now (but i'm only 27 weeks so that's nothing to worry about) so mom said she might be kicking something that's attached to the lower region and makes it feel like she's kicking below the pubic area... haha... and i also sometimes feel pressure when i stand... it feels reeeaaally heavy... but never when i sit...


nicole - April 22

i have a boy, and a big one at that, at 31 ish weeks he was 3lb 11 oz. but i only think itll be by 35 weeks bc im starting to cramp now while he moves, and the whole scratching the cervix feeling has increased 10 fold. but i went to the doctor today bc i "fell" last night and they wanted to make sure everything was ok and make sure the cramps werent contractions(they put me on this monitor thing, and the whole time i was on it i didnt have one cramp) but they checked my cervix and said it was still long and closed. so who knows. ohh and my blood pressure was high so they didnt like that too much.


ladonna - June 15

Well I think it means that pretty soon you are gonna be thining out and dilateing which in due time youll be in labor


ladonna - June 15

my dr. wants to scracth my cervix this friday cause Ill be 38 weeks pregant and I really want this baby to come out. have any of you guys heard of this cause people i talk to says they went into labor hrs. later plz help



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