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Leahp - April 7

Hello!!! I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their cats when the baby came home, like getting in the crib or smothering the baby??? I have a very lovable kitty and people tell me those are the one's you need to watch out for, plus they love the smell of milk on the baby's breath. So I'm a little worried since we don't have a door for the baby's room.


Grumpy Bear - April 7

I have been very worried as well! they make crib canopies you can attach them to the sides and its like a tent top (vented of corse) and it says it keeps out cats! i picked one up for $15 at babies R us


Julia - April 7

Yes these mesh tents are supposed to be good. To be honest we have one cat (and a bunch of dogs) and the cat NEVER went near the baby and still stays out of his way, doesn't want to be grabbed. I would never have worried about her going in the crib. Not a chance! So I'm not the least bit concerned with my 2nd. Also I've heard you can b___by trap the crib before hand with balloons or something else the cat would not want to land on so if she does jump in it will scare her and she won't want to try it again. Seems like a good idea to me.


Lynn - April 8

That is an old wives' tale. Your baby is more likely to be smothered by a blanket than your cat. When we were growing up, the cats slept in the crib with us all the time, and nothing happened


nhb - April 8

I don't let my cat in the room where my son sleeps--my cat is a little weird though :o) She likes to dig her claws in when she sleeps and to suck on whatever she's laying on, so we didn't let her for that reason--but during the daytime, when he's awake, they play together with no problems. It's toxoplasmosis (sp) you need to watch out for though, especially with the baby too; pregnant moms and little babies/kids are susceptible to it. Good luck, though, it sounds like things are going great for you!


sharon - June 12

how long does cats carry before delivering there liter



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