Cats And Babies

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falafal0 - June 15

Just a question to those mums who have cats and babies...I've been putting baby carriers and a rocker away for our baby under our bed (lack of room). The other day, I found our cat, whom we've had for a year, sleeping comfortably in the rocker. She divides her time between our 10 year old son's bed and under our bed, but it's the first time I ever found her in the baby's rocker, and wonder now how long she's been sleeping in there. My husband was really upset and said we have to get rid of her, that she'll sleep on the baby. I was nervous too to see her there, and wonder if there is cause for concern? If she really has taken to sleeping in the rocker and is used to it, when the baby is in there, surely she'd go back to it out of habit? This is our fourth baby but the first time we've had a cat - anyone got any opinions or advice on having been there before?


Deb - June 16

I think once you put a baby in there, your cat won't want to go in anymore. Chances are that your cat may be a little scared of your baby since the baby will be loud when it cries sometimes. But I would start to be proactive if you can and really scold the cat when it goes in there. It needs to know that the rocker is not a place for kitty to sleep. We have had the same problem with our cat, except we have caught our cat in the baby's crib! After scruffing him and making loud noises when we have caught him there, he doesn't go in there anymore. Be persistent, they take a while to catch on, but they will.


KLT - June 16

I agree with Deb....but since you never know what kitty will do, the best thing is to be proactive now and make loud noises to deter kitty from wanting to be in the spot. I have two cats and the littlest one climbed into the ba__sinet and peed in it, then poo'ed on the carpet. The older one vomited under the baby's crib. Both the crib and the ba__sinet had been in the house for a while, so not sure why they acted up. I read that one way to deter kitties from climbing in things is to lay down some tin foil. Then when the jump in, they kind of get freaked out. I also have plans on keeping both kitties out of the baby's room by putting up a screen door at the room door. Theres going to be lots of cat hair and dander and stuff around the house as is (regardless of cleaning) and my fears of how the cats and baby will get along are prominent. I've also started to get the cats ready for baby's arrival by wearing baby lotion and just letting them smell everything I bring into the house thats related to the baby. Also when she is born, i'll bring a couple receiving blankets to the hospital and wrap her in each of them...and bring one home for the cats. I read this helps...we'll see. Then when baby comes home, let the cats sniff her. I'm sure its going to be a tough, long process of the cats getting used to her which makes me nervous but there is no way I will get rid of my cats. They are just as much my children. You wouldn't get rid of any of your other kids if one of them didn't get along with the others, would you? My next big task is getting the cats to sleep outside of my bedroom. My oldest loves sleeping under my arm each nite..its like we have our own little ritual. It'll be tough, but I have until October to get this rolling so.... Well, good luck...hope some of this helps!


Jennifer28 - June 16

Get a spray bottle and fill it w/ water. When you find the cat ANYWHERE you don't want it to be - give it a couple of squirts. Trust me - it will learn to stay away. I have a 15 yr old cat that learned to stop clawing the couch really quickly. :)


CaliTrish - June 16

Pretty sure your kitty just found a comfy place to nap under the bed. It won't be so comfy with a baby in it. Just move the rocker elsewhere or stack something in. Kitties will sleep anywhere especially if its quiet and comfy. Mine will sleep on boxes, filing cabinets, bookcase, etc. if there's a towel or blanket folded up. KLT, I have the same sleeping problem with one of my kitties. She *loves* to curl up next to me with her nose in my neck. Been doing it since she was a wee one when her whole body fit in the crook of my neck. She can be quite persistent about it. Not sure what I'm going to do when there's a real baby vying for the same spot.


lexy - June 17

i have 3 cats and with my 1st child, they liked to explore the room and see everything, but never bothered the baby. before the baby came, my oldest cat, slept in the room and in the crib. wasn't a big deal. once the baby came, she stayed out. never had any problems with peeing or pooping on anything. am having 2nd kid, and don't expect any problems with this one either.


KLT - June 19

CaliTrish: I read that the best thing to do is start weening the kitty out of your room a few months in advance...I am not anxious to start doing that...but I know it has to be done. Right now I have to blankets under the nightstands on both sides of the beds for both kitties.. One of them sleeps there, but my older one still snuggles up to me. I just feel so bad when I see her sweet kitty eyes looking at can I kick her out?! haha.. Sigh*


CaliTrish - June 20

KLT, any ideas how to ween her? With all my tossing & turning, extra pillows, and warmer nights, my kitty hasn't been sleeping with me all night. But eventually, she'll show up demanding her spot. If lying on top of me, a paw on my cheek, or whiskers in my face don't wake me, she's taking to licking my arm or chin. She's so cute when she wants to cuddle, I don't have the heart to kick her out. What's a mommy to do???


KLT - June 21

I have NO clue!!! hahaa.. i'm just like you...i'm such a sucker for a cute kittie.. But also like you, with all the tossing and turning, she hasn't been sleeping with me all nite. I've read you just have to shut your bedroom door. I can't stand the thought of her sitting outside it though... I feel bad just leaving them in the morning for work! Looking at their cute faces as I shut the door. : ( Hmm, maybe hook them up with some catnip before bedtime?? They'll be too busy rolling in it to notice?? Worth a shot. Now, my oldest cat has started throwing up at 4:40am...on the dot at least every other morning. So i'm instantly up and cleaning the carpet. I dunno whats going on!!!



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