Causes Of A Scheduled C Section

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M.A. - January 15

I see so meany who say they're having a sceduled c-section. So I was wondering how doctors determine the need for a scheduled c-section.


Kendra - January 15

I am having one because I had a tumor removed from my ovary when I was younger and a natural birth for me would be like a vbac - and I would have an increased risk of uterine rupture - so I was given the choice, and I chose to go with a c-setion. There are LOTS of other reasons women need them, or end up needing them - that's mine!


Jbear - January 15

A lot of women who have had a c-section in the past choose to have another one rather than trying for a v____al birth--those c-sections are scheduled. Also, if someone has placenta previa she will have a scheduled c-section.


m - January 16

My first child was breech, so I had to have a C-section. With my 2nd, I went ahead and opted for a 2nd C because I was afraid of the risks involved with vbac. This time, I would have opted for another anyway, but it turns out I have placenta previa and do not have a choice.


Tess - January 16

One that I know for sure is...if your having multiples or more and if your baby is breech then they tend to schedule a c-sec.


M.A. - January 16

Thanks! Sounds like you have to have some pretty serious problems to get a scheduled c-section. Does anyone know if gestational diabetes, or borderline would be a cause?


Jenn - January 16

I had gest. diabetes with my son and I had to end up with a c because he was just too big. My doc didn't even know that I had it till after the baby was born-I had to switch docs at the last month. But, I am having a scheduled section with this one bc the baby is already large and my doc said that she thinks that it would be better that way-and I don't want to lay in labor for 3 and a half days agin for someone to tell me that the baby isn't going to come out-bc it sucked-so I didn't argue about it.


Kira_lynn - January 16

I have a___l fissures, tearing due to consitpation from when i was young (12). So if i have a v____al birth the risk is high that there will be tearing and many more complications. I also have crohns disease and have had surgery to remove intestine (3 feet). I think it would be easier on my body.


sye - January 17

i'm having a scheduled c section because i'm getting my tubes tied...


Been There - January 17

Sye, you don't have to have a c-section just to get your tubes tied. I know other people who have done so during v____al birth. Are you sure there is nothing else? It's your business, I'm just asking. I am scheduling one because I was 9 days late and even with the induction, I never effaced so the baby could drop down enough to get out. With that and my possible cervical issue, they have encouraged a c-section, so I'm going that route.


AprilMum - January 17

Sure she doesn't have to - but recovering from getting your tubes tied is hard!! - basically, it's the same as recovering from a c-section anyways, so she might as well kill two birds with one stone, and spare herself the recovery time of doing it later.


snickelfritz - January 17

I had a c-section with #1 due to rising blood pressure during labor with little dilation. I'll have one this time because of having one before. I thought I was going to have a scheduled section with #1 because of previa, but it resolved at 31 weeks, so I figured I'd have a vag birth. I was glad I read up on c-sections when I ended up having one anyway! I'm really happy to be having a scheduled c-section this time!


Rhonda - January 17

My doctor said since i had a c-section 11mos ago he wants me to have a repeat c-section with this one(which is due in 8wks.My last one she woulde'nt fit through my birth ca___l so i had to have a c-section.


sye - January 18

thanks april're right..that's exactly why i plan to have a c doctor told me it would be better to tie my tubes while i'm getting the c section...i also read that constantly opening up the incision could create problems later...


sye - January 18

i had an emergency c section with my first only took me 3 days to be up and walking and 2 weeks to recover fully...


Jbear - January 18

Sye, I had my tubes tied with my last may get some shoulder pain from it (strange, but it happened to me and that's what the nurses said was the cause). I've also read that having your tubes tied during a c-section makes them more likely to regrow later on, especially if you're under 30...there are different procedures for tying the tubes. You could read up on them and see which one your doctor is going to be using. Also, for everyone, when they tie your tubes and it's not part of a c-section, it's done with a laproscopic procedure, with a very tiny incision.


sye - January 18

i'm 31..and i'm going to tell my doctor to see to it that i won't be able to have kids again...shoulder pain from tied tubes? that's strange but i'll keep that in mind...



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