Causes To Have A C Section

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M.A. - November 24

What circ_mstances cause a woman to have to have a C-section? I used to think smaller women had to have it done, or during emergency births. But I see so many different, healthy women having them done. And what would make a doctor determine that you would need a C-section before you're even due?


Dec - November 24

Well in my case my son was breech and had very low amniotic fluid. Which would have been like a dry birth I was told and very painful. I had toxcemia and blood pressure was to high. Everyone is different though.


Beth - November 24

For me, I was 38 weeks, my water broke and the baby wasn't breech. It was better than I expected!


Jbear - November 25

I had my first c-section because of pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure had been high throughout the pregnancy, but it spiked at 36 weeks and I had to be induced. After two days of pitocin, I hadn't had a single contraction or dialated at all, so I had a c-section. The doctor I saw for my second pregnancy said I probably would have needed a c-section no matter what, becaue of my internal structure.


jules - November 25

People with certain STD's have to have c-sections because of the risk of transfer to the baby.


Shelly - November 25

I went to be induced and I would not dialate/efface and the epidural caused me and my baby big time distress so I had to have an emergency c-section.


Jamie - November 25

I had to be induced beause of pre-eclampsia; it resulted in a c-section because the baby got stuck on my pelvic bone. *My* theory is that because I was induced early, my hips hadn't spread as much as they would have by the time I went into labor naturally.


erin - November 26

If your water breaks and you don't go into labour within 24 hours, they automatically do a C section (at least that's the general rule here). Also if the baby is in some funny position or it's too big for you to birth naturally.


Lesley - November 26

If your waters break and you havent started contractions within 36 hours they put you on the drip here. Isn't it strange how they do htings different everywhere. They say it isn't safe to go over 14 days in most places but yet in my area they allow you to go 15-16 days. i know its only a couple of days difference but them couple of days can mak a big difference in the babies health. I don't agree that people should get sections unless it is completly needed. More women have them now cos they are afraid of natural child birth and cos they are lazy.. Look at Victoria Beckham.........


M.A. - November 26

Who's Victoria Beckham? What happened with her?


Lesley - November 26

Victoria Beackham reckons she is "too posh to push"


mom42 - November 27

I have read that babies who have been diagnosed with spina bifida are delivered by c-section to avoid further damage during delivery. In many caases, though, c-sections are recommended so drs can avoid malpractice suits.


Kelly K - November 27

I had a section on 11/15 due to my cervix not dialating. Thankfully we went ahead with the section cause she was trying to come out ear first. Which is partly why I wouldn't dialate.


Re: Posh - November 28

I guess some of us are just too posh to push. I'm having an elective C-section by choice.


~m~ - November 29

With my first son, he was breech. He was dropping and I was dilating, so they went ahead and took him via C-section.



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