Celebrating Mother S Day

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gro1974 - May 5

Just curious, how many first time moms-to-be are celebrating Mother's Day. I was asked by a friend if I would be getting a Mother's Day gift, and I responded that I doubted it, since my child isn't born yet! She kind of got defensive and said that it did not matter, I had a child growing inside me and that made me a mom. I quickly changed the subject. The thing is, she has never been pregnant, and I didn't know how to describe to her my feeling that there IS a distinction between bonding with your baby in the womb and actually having that child in your arms. I guess I feel like there are so many fears during pregnancy about the birth, and having a healthy child, that I don't feel it's wise for me to "put the cart before the horse," so to speak. This particular friend always talks about my baby as though the baby's a person she's already met, which kind of bother's me too. I guess I'm kind of sensitive about my pregnancy being just that - MY PREGNANCY; not something anyone else can really "share." Does anyone feel the same way? Am I over-thinking this? --Greta


Erynn21 - May 5

I'm a first time mom to be and I wasn't thinking about celebrating Mother's Day, but a lot of ppl I know call me Mama now, so I guess in their eyes I am. I think you may be being a little sensitive about your friend and this baby, she sounds excited to me, my friends all talk to my belly and say hi to our baby. I can understand your concerns, but to me it sounds as if your friend just cares about this baby alot already. I have also talked to many women about being pregnant and one thing many have said is that yes there is a distinction of holding that baby in your arms, but being pregnant you always have your baby with YOU no one else. It is a very special time that yes you can't really share, but you can let ppl at least feel like they're a part of it, that's how I look at it. Oh yeah and these pregnancy hormones can make the weirdest sh*t bug you, I know that they have for me.


gro1974 - May 5

Erynn, Thanks for your reply. Those are some good thoughts. It's true, she does care very much about my baby, and I know she was only trying to show her support. I should allow her that. It was the defensiveness that really got me; like "how dare I say I don't qualify for a mother's day gift." I talked w/ another friend about it who had her first baby last fall, and she also had some good thoughts. She likens the term "mother" with "parent." Right now I'm nurturing a growing baby but not yet parenting it. Anyway, you are absolutely right; it all comes down to the hormones! : )


CyndiG - May 5

I remember when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, she was due in June, and on Mother's day my husband bought me a pearl ring with two little diamonds on each side, and he gave it to me with a card signed from the baby. It was the most precious gift! I treasure it to this day. It actually made me cry.....And yes you are totally a mother. My 2nd daughter is due in July, and I already say "my children", and "I have 2 girls", things like that. Congrats and enjoy all the attention from your friend. She just loves you and wants you to enjoy every minute of being a mommy, even while your still a mommy to be.


livdea - May 5

I was thinking about mother's day and I doubt I'll be receiving any gifts from anyone...I'm a single momma. But I thought it sure would be kinda nice to get a card or something...I"m getting teary eyed thinkin about it now! OH GEESH I NEVER CRY! WTF? okay, eh hem...compose.... So, in my eyes I say I'm "going to be a mom" but in all reality I already feel like I am...I've got such a bond with my little girly and though I'm not holding her now, she's already my girly and she knows I'm momma. Your friend sounds really excited, I know some things can get really annoying...I get annoyed over the silliest things...but, I'd just bask in the fact that your friend is so stoaked! Good luck and enjoy!!!



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