Cellulite Everywhere

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*Melanie* - September 16

I am 19 and 27 wks preg..i used to weight 112 lbs-115 lbs...now i'm 140 with the baby, but that's not what im worried about. i seem to have cellulite ALL over my legs and butt. i mean, even on my calves. Does anyone else have this problem? it's discusting and im wondering if it will go away.....my butt is just so dimpley now ..


Heidi - September 16

Me too! And not in the normal spots! It's like everywhere and I look all swollen in the legs so when I squat down it's all cellulite and my skin feels so tight. Gross! I hope it goes away!!!! I weighed the same too and it sounds like we gained the same at the same time. I'm at 35 wks now and gained like 35 lbs!!!!!


soleil - September 16

I had the same thing, I weighed 101 before baby and then got up to 152+ with cellulite everywhere, after i had the baby it did go away.


JM - September 16

I know exactly what you mean. I used to weigh about 103, now I'm 26 weeks and weight 142. I never had to deal with cellulite and stretch marks before. I hope the cellulite goes away.


Melanie - September 19

Thanks guys...makes me feel a bit better ;) ha....i also have these huge purple stretch marks...and u dont want to know where they are. they are only in ONE place....on the INSIDE of my b___t. it sounds gross, i know, but i am freaking out about this, too!


Help! - September 19

I am only in my 11th week and haven't gained anything. Does this weight come with eating a lot besides the baby or just comes with eating a normal amount. Yesterday, I saw a woman at the mall with what looked like only a small soccer ball under her shirt. The rest of her was tiny. I noticed a lot of Asian women like this too. How come some gain all over and some don't??? Also, I'm terrified of getting more stretch marks than I already have! It's so upsetting. I feel like dieting while I'm pregnant but I know it's not good for the baby so I won't. I read recently that the actress who played Marsha Brady in the remake movie only ate fruit and cottage cheese and was back to normal right after giving birth. So she managed not to gain either y dieting in some way. I'm confused!


Heidi - September 19

Don't diet! It's not healthy. Eat what you normally would eat and you'll be fine. Sounds like if you haven't gained anything now you're doing good. I ate a ton during my first trimester and gained a lot right there. You don't have to eat a lot more because you're pregnant. I'd say eat in moderation and you'll be just fine. I've gained almost 40 lbs so far and I was only 115 when I got pg. I feel just huge but everyone said it's all in my belly. I look like I'm carrying a basketball and that's about it. Don't worry about it. Not much you can do about stretch marks either. They're hereditary.


N - September 19

Sorry to say, u will have to work it off hunny. When I had my first son, I gained 70lbs. Dr kept saying all was great. I learned that u don't have to stuff ur face evertime u get hungry which in my case was every 15 mins seemed like. I could eat a med pizza and wings all by myself. Don't diet, but do watch the kinds of foods u eat. Stay away from the greasy foods. try to stick with broiled or baked and make sure u drain the oil. With my second preg, I gained 15 lbs preg weight and only went up one dress size after the baby. I wasn't as hungry either, but I ate. The baby will get nutrients, especially if u take ur vits, and eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks in between.


geri - September 19

yes..that happens..your body stores up fat everywhere...the younger you are the easier it will be to exercise it off after the baby comes..and keep moving now (walking and swimming are great)..make sure to b___st feed..that really takes off the pounds!!


I fell ya!!!!!!!!! - September 19

Gosh, isn't it the grosses thing ever! I cant stand to look at my a__s or thighs anymore!!!!! Its depressing. Not to mention I have 4 weeks left and I thought for sure I was in the clear for stretch marks. Think again! I had a couple come out of no where on my left hip and then both b___t cheeks! Im praying they dont hit the belly. Ahhhhh, the beautiful side effects of pregnancy -Kel


YeseniaGibson - August 23

My friend also faced similar problem when she was pregnant. Then one of our common friend suggested her to start doing massage palper-rouler(cellublue) on the cellulite affected area daily. Within few days her cellulite was reduced. You can also try doing massage palper-rouler for reducing cellulite. 



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