Cervical Position

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ANSWERS? - February 14

Hi everyone. I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some tips on telling whether or not my cervix is open or closed. Right now it is high and soft...but confused about telling if it is open or closed. Thanks so much and happy Valentines Day!


mrsfiveday - February 17

I felt mine before my first prenatal, it was high and soft and I could stick my finger tip into the opening. My doc did a pap and pelvic exam and never said everything looked good. Ive been curious about the normality of this, cos usually when you search for cervix info it usually says long and firm like the tip of your nose with a pin head size hole.


SLP - February 17

At my first appt my OB had a hard time with my exam because my cervix was "rotated" (I believe that's the word she used). Basically, she explained, the pergnancy hormones cause your cervix to soften and can sometimes cause your cervix to shift a little. That's about all I know.


mrsfiveday - February 18

sorry what I meant to type was that my doctor never said anything about it in particular but she said everything looked good. I somehow erased some words


ANSWERS? - February 20

Thank you for your answers. I have been gone and just got home to check my email so sorry for the delay. So does this mean that a person who is pregnant cervix should be soft and high or does it get or stay hard and lower? Not sure about this and would love your input. Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing from you.


mrsfiveday - February 20

mine is still soft and high, I will be 20 weeks on the 22nd of feb. I also read somewhere that that is a way the doctor can tell your prego. soft and high cervix. So Im sure it is normal. Alot of women are to scared to feel their cervix for fear of introducing bacteria, so I bet not alot know how theirs feels.


ANSWERS? - February 21

I felt like it came down yesterday, but then again I this morning and it is back to high and soft. I am using one of those ovulite microscopes and I am showing full ferning for the 12 day in a row now (which usually shows that when ovulating, and it started showing at end of my af). I took a test yesterday and got a bfn so that is sad. Don't know what is going on. Feel kind of sick to my stomach after I eat, but that is about it. Also get real hungry at night. I wish I was pregnant but test are telling me no. My cervix shouldn't be up this high should it if ovulation is over? Maybe if I was pregnant I am not far enough along to tell? Thanks!


AmyB - February 21

i just found out that i was pg yesterday and my cervix was high and soft until the day i missed my af then it became hard but still VERY high and that was the first sign for me...my cervix never went back down after af and i was wet all the time and if i checked my cervix i would have creamy cm...good luck...sounds good, just like my situation..i also woke up in the middle of the night wanting to eat!


ANSWERS? - February 21

Why wouldn't my test be bfp yet? I had a werid af on the 2nd and high and soft cervix after that. Last night I beded and could feel that it was tender and probably lower from the feel of it...but this morning is is high and soft. Yes when I check I do have cm like you said.


concolor - November 17

ANSWERS? Did you find out you were pregnant? I have exactly the same thing going on right now.


tryin4number3 - November 1

Im am trying for another baby. i have felt my cervix for the past 3 months and it got soft high open and wet which i was to find out i was ovulating. i had s_x 3 times. and now my cervix is high soft and closed. could that be a possibility that i am pregnant?



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