Cevical Position

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1234 - January 25

this ? is for moms----when you are pregnant what is the position of your cervix??????


krc - January 25

right where it should be !


1234 - January 25

would that be high of low


krc - January 25

well, if you hold a mirror down there some woman can see it, some can't. Were all different.


Kiimi - January 25

high or low!!!!! do you not get the question?


michelleb - January 25

IN everyone it is different, and thus they say it is not a good indicator for pregnancy. But sometime during pregnancy, it will go up to the higher position where you almost can't reach it. Also, right before your af, it drops down low and is firmer and easy to reach. Hope that helps: )


Mandi_Lin - January 26

I agree with Krc this is a silly question.....everyone is different may it be high or low, personally I have a high cerviex, but really only your doctor can tell you for sure.


Drew - January 26

Michelleb is totally right. And no, you would not be able to SEE your cervix no matter how low it is.


Lin - January 27

Cervical position is DEFINITELY NOT a good indicator of pregnancy. My cp was really high from O day onward my fist month of ttc. I got really excited about that only for it to drop quickly the day AF arrived. Don't get your hopes up by a high cervical position.


Steph - January 27

Honeslty, every since I found out I was pregnant, I have not checked my cp and am not really inclined to. I had enough of that while I was ttc! Anyways, what the other ladies said I agree with . CP is not a good indicator of pregnancy because even in the first eight weeks of pregnancy your cp can be all over the place. Good luck to you!


krc - January 27

I never noticed my cervix to begin with. Never in my life did I even look at or for it. After reading this thread yesterday when I got out the bath last night I looked with a mirror out of curiosity and didn't know what I was supposed to look for so that didn't amount to anything. I dont know if it was different before I conceived. Dont really care either.


Lin - January 27

krc, I don't think it's really possible to actually see your cervix without using a speculum. One would normally determine their cp by feeling for it.


mrsfiveday - February 20

none of you seemed to understand her question...did you even read it? She didnt ask if she could tell she was Pg by cervical position, but rather how should it feel when you are pg. I know during the first couple of months when I would feel my cervix, it was high and soft, some women are different though, and you should ask your doc to check it out, Your doc can tell you whats normal.... krc needs to take some body awareness cla__ses.



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