Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

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lilarich - May 5

My boyfriend and i haven't really had s_x, but we were fooling around last saturday night, and i was rubbing his p__s. I was wearing underwear so he just took the tip of his p__s and put it on the opening of my va___a while we were doing things, not really inserting it but just placing it there to sort of excite things. It was a stupid move for both of us i know. But i guess we both got caught up in the moment. He didn't come or anything there, and i'm pretty sure the tip of his p__s was dry. He had only put it there for about two or three seconds. Im just curious if i really have a chance of becoming pregnant from that.


Grandpa Viv - May 5

You would be really unlucky to get pregnant from such minimal exposure - I wonder if you were close to ovulation, with period due May 17? Please buy your own condoms. If you insist on using them at every penetration, and in addition use v____al spermicide during your fertile window, your chance of pregnancy will be almost as low as being on the pill. Good luck!


lilarich - May 6

thank you. I forgot to mention that his p___s touched my bare v____a, i wasn't wearing underwear at that point when he did that. Unless you already a__sumed that. But if you didn't a__sume that then what are the chances for becoming pregnant, now that i mentioned that his p___s touched my bare v____a.


lilarich - May 6

and my period won't be coming around until the end of the month.


Grandpa Viv - May 6

Stop your worrying - I did a__sume that. If your period is not due until May 30th, ovulation would be May 16th. Sperm is only good for about 5 days, so s_x prior to May 11th would be low risk (outside fertile window). In unusual circ_mstances, women do get pregnant from s_x on the last day of their period. For future reference, if a guy is s_xually aroused for an extended period of time, sperm can be present even without a complete ejaculation (pre-c_m). Spern contacting the moist part of the v____a can make it to their destination, so pregnancy while still technically a virgin is indeed possible. Good luck!


lilarich - May 6

thanks for the info. it really helped. It helped calm me down.



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