Chances Of Pregnancy From Pre Cum

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Jerry - January 11

Hello, about 2 weeks ago me and my girlfriend were messing around, we did not have s_x and she is a virgin. I fingered her and she gave me a handjob and then she fingered herself for a little. I never ejaculated, but her hands were on my p__s and shortly after she fingered herself. I am very worried about this because I simply just dont know if she had any pre-c_m on her hand when she fingered herself. Her last period was around November 10, but she always has strange cycles because of some hormone situation taht she has. She is 18 and its really normal for her to have long cycles. I would just like to know what the chances are that she could be pregnant? I have not brought this up with her because it would really stress her out and make her worry, but should I ask her to take an at home test? If her period doesnt come soon what should I do? and how long should we wait for it to come? When it does come how will we know if it is normal (and she is not pregnant) or if it is simply the period after (like that she missed one and is pregnant) Please any input will be appreciated, I am very worried and really hope her period comes soon.


Jerry - January 11

Please respond to this post I am soooo worried its driving me crazy!!!!


ekay - January 11

I would think although possible, it is not probable to get pregnant from that 'method'. Wait another week or 2 and take a test, but I think I would relax


kat - January 11

i dont think you need to worry,but maybe you should bring it up with her about starting to take the birth control pill,just incase you do have s_x.


Jerry - January 11

I was thinking the same about the pill. I would certainly use a condom but I'd feel even more content if she used the pill as well. Thanks for the responses, I'll try to relax and wait for her period to arrive.


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Im glad you're concerned. But I don't think its very likely so please don't stress out about it. Im willing to bet shes not pregnant from giving you a handjob and then fingering herself. Don't stress yourself out about it okay? You can get pregnant from Prec_m, but from the story you told I seriously seriously doubt shes pregnant.


To jerry - January 26

i know what you're going through because i just got off the phone with my girlfriend and she was worried about my prec_m being around her v____a. I fingered her after i came in contact with my p___s a short time beforehand. if thats true about the air killing sperm... plus all the other factors, forget about it dude, she's fine. But definately think out protection if for no other reason than the worrying


JS - January 27

Hi Jerry. No need to worry, chances are that your girl is not pregnant because a finger cannot deposit sperm as far up a v____a as a p___s can shoot it. Chances are minimal so relax.


Achilles - January 31

You can get pregnant from prec_m, but the chances are low. Also, the thing about sperm dying as soon as it hits the air is a MYTH!!!! Sperm dies when it dries out and it doesn't dry out automatically.


Jo - February 1

My daughter was the result of a "pull-out" interaction. although your situation is different, a woman CAN get pregnant without the ejaculation. Now in your situation there probably wasnt enuff s____n to help the sperm swim up to the cervix. Just be careful.


Jerry - February 6

UPDATE my girlfreind still has not had any bleeding...she said this is not unusual as she has a female disorder i dont know the name of it....but she doesnt get it often and said in the past has gone for 3 months before having her period again.... ALSO I saw her nipples up light to today....normally i have never seen them in total i did....they seem a little darker but i dont know if its because i never really saw them or if they darkened which i hear is a symptom of pregnany....also i could see a vein or 2 on the nipple?? i think ive read that this is a symptom as well PLEASE HELP I love my girlfriend....but I cannot be a child...What can I do? How long should i wait to mention my worries to her and ask her to take a test?? If she WAS pregnant...wouldnt there have been light bleeding by now? or something? PLEASE!!! What else can I do???


Jerry - February 8

Well, we are going out together tonight to buy a test kit....its been 5 it too early to test?


someone - February 8

I had s_x with my g/f and and now shes late for her period, we went toi doctor and he said shes not and i had s_x with her 2 days later. she wont take birth control pill 'caz she has to wait for her period. help me out here


Ktzgr.. - February 9

Jerry, I wish I was here earilier. Get yourself together girly boy =D. Look, I have had numerous (and needless) pregnancy scares in my time. If the situation you desribe is accurate, and you did not ejaculate then, OR in the few hours before, you are safe. In fact, to let you know I am in the same boat with you, my girlfriend has the same problem. It is called "Annovulation", and she only gets her period every 8 months. Imagine the c___p I've gone through pal! Unlike what most people say on this forum, there is NO sperm in pre-c_m. Unless there is still sperm present from a prior ejaculation, the idea of sperm in your ejaculation is a myth. There have been studies done (yes, by scientists) that prove that in 16 of 16 men, there were no sperm present in each of the pre-ejaculate samples. Besides that, you would probably have had to mess around near her fertile time, which is probably extremely unlikely. So look, wipe the sweat off, calm down and get back to life. I know this has probably been dominating your thoughts day and night for the last month. This feeling is terrible. I know what it's like. Let go of the idea, you're fine.


Ktzgr... - February 9

Oh, and to add, the "symptoms" you describe are nearly as accurate as an HPT. You're HPT would ABSOLUTLY be reliable by now. Let me know how it goes man! And btw, protection goes a long way in any situation.


Jerry - February 10

Thatnks Ktzgr.....your post was a great help. by the way, we tested last night with a First Response test, it came back Negative...i was so relieved. There were 2 tests in the kit, so shes going to wait about a week and test in the morning with the other test strip. We talked about it extensivly and she said she didnt think she was pregnant, like the test said, also said she felt normal. The nipple symptoms i described, well, im not sure anymore. If anyone could please describe the exact symtpoms...i know the area around the nipple darkens...but just how dark etc. I think when I did see them that i saw what i feared seeing in my mind and probly exagerated a little bit. I know that no HPT is totally accurate and my next question is...IF she was pregnant for 5 weeks, wouldnt there be any other obvious symptoms by now? Please, thannks for the help so far please try to keep it up i appreciate it so much!!!!! Im relived now, but once we do the other test ill be totally good. As long as its negative too haha... a__suming it will be, I must say that I learned soooo much from this....such a scare


tiffani - February 10

Jerry, It doesn't seem likely that she's pregnant. A negative test result is usually just that, negative. Although it seems like every where you turn you see a pregnant woman, it really is much harder than people realize to get pregnant. The egg has a 24 hour life span once it's released, and so many conditions have to be just right for conception to occur. I think you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.



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