Chances Slim But Is It Possible

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C - September 18

Me and my bf. never actually had s_x but recently some prec_m got onto my va___a. the day after i had my period ( week early) but it was only like 3 days ( normally 6-7). i read that positioning of the moon can odly enough chance your cycle once or twice a year and during that time you are fertile before after and during your period. it is only about 3 weeks after and i've been having indigestion and a crampy stomach.. almost naseus at times. could this be anything or is all i can do wait till i miss my period?


vonda - September 19

I think you may be having PMS it sometimes feel as if ur preg. I think to ease minds we have to wait until we miss a period, but sometimes you can have implantation bleeding around the time of your period, with an hpt you will waste a lot of money, you can go to the doc, that is you best chance,but with those symptoms it sound as if ur pregnant!


Viv - September 19

The light "period" a week early could have been implantation bleeding, but only if you had a contraceptive failure a week or two earlier, like up to 5 days for sperm to hang around before conception and 7 to 10 days between conception and implantation. If this is the case you may not get another period for 9 months! S_x the day before the "period" would not have affected the issue. If you are have tender b___sts and frequent urination in addition to the symptoms you mention, I think tomorrow morning first thing would be a good time to do a home pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant, please start putting spermicidal foam or suppository in your v____a before every time you don't have s_x. If you ever do have s_x, use foam plus a condom, and go to the movies instead Day 8 through 15 of your cycle. Come back and tell us how it goes. We care!


C - September 19

thanks all your support really helps. i have another wondering.... i was looking online for an answer but found nothing: IF i was pregnant, would there be any v____al discharge or would there suddenly be nothing. In terms of sore b___sts or such i havent had any of that. i heard that wouldn't hapen until like 2 weeks AFTER i miss my period anyway. I feel dumb worring because it seems so impossible... i guess all i can do is wait :S


sweet16 - September 19

i wish i could tell you, but OMG, thats almost my story. except he ejaculated in ahot tub we were both in. and my stomach is doing stuff like that too! aaa! im only 16! i really hpe for both of us its nothing.


Viv - September 19

C, there is a v____al discharge that comes with pregancy often referred to as "Creamy' but not usually this early. Please come back and keep us posted. Sweet 16: if you got pregnant from sperm floating around in a hot tub, we want to know about the details for the record books. Mail [email protected]


c - September 21

i have read that you can feel pain when ovulating: what is that like? i have never felt a pain when ovulating... do you think that my body is just trying to re adjust since my period was early last time? cause maybe a week after i got indigestion and even constipation but it seems far too early for that to be a symptom. hey viv are you part of a team that answers questions on here? i have seen you answer a few other ones too. :) that's cool... makes me feel i can trust your answers


C - September 27

yay my period started just now. phew! thank God



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