Change Of Behavior In My Daughter

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Mightbe - May 17

Hi there! I was wondering, is it true that my daughter's behavior can change due to my pregnancy?? I've heard people talk about it, how their older kids acted differently (more sentimental or w/more tantrums than usual) when they got pregnant. Any input will help! Thanks!


Jodie - May 17

God i really hope so. My 9 year old daughter is a spiteful lil b___h most of the time loving nothing more than to torture her 6 yr old brother. she has told me that when the baby is born shes going to be good, i sugested that she start practising now but she didnt listen


L - May 17

My 3 year old daughter has been loving...kissing, singing and talking to my belly. But..she has also been exhibiting a bit of regression...acting like a crying baby, asking me to feed her, crawling around. I ignore the "normal" behavior. Otherwise, we are all looking forward to the big day!


monica - May 17

my 4 year old son.... has been loving too. He talks to the baby through my belly b___ton. He is really into this pregnancy. Is it because he is a boy and not a girl?


Mightbe - May 17

To Jodie, L & Monica: when did this behavior start? right from the begining or after they realized they were gonna be big brothers and sisters? Oh btw, thanks for your replies! The thing is that I might be pregnant and at my dd school, they told me she has been acting very sentimental and moddy and the teachers said that its bc of that, actually they all agreed on it, that's why I ask. Thanks!


monica - May 17

I told my son the day I took the pg test and it came out positive. But the funny thing is that when I was sick during my first trimester he was sick too. When I would vomit, he would too. But yes your daugher is acting up because of the pregnancy. I have heard that so many times from other parents.


Jodie - May 18

Actually my daughter has always been like this, full of att_tude (god help me when shes a teenager) when she was a toddler we called it "personality". My son on the other hand is completely loving and asks me every day if im going to have the baby today, i just tell him not yet my belly has to get bigger. although one day after an ultrasound at 8 weeks he asked me and my daughter said "no her tummy has to get fat" to which he replied "it already is", isnt he sweet :)


Mightbe - May 18

Thanks for the replies, I'm driving myself crazy over this matter, at school they are telling me she is crying all the time, but as if from loneliness or smthg like that, she's been acting weird and I was wondering, Thanks!


P - May 18

Is your daughter aware of the pregnancy or are you asking if she can sense it?


Mightbe - May 20

That's exactly what Im asking, if she can sense it! Have you heard of it? baby knowing in advance when their mommy is pregnant, or acting out based on that even when they don't mention it per se? Thanks P


monica - May 20

I have heard of it...of pets and your children being able to sense it before they even know. but I thought it was just an old wives tale. Hopefully someone will have an answer.


lilmum - May 20

i am pregnant now, but i run a dayhome, so we've been practicing with little one's on our almost 2yr. old son. He knows things are different, because i don't pick him up nearly as much anymore. We try to make him involved, sort of give him some responsibility (not alot, he's not even two!). But when the other kids need things or need help with something, he is now, (not so much before) right there to help. He finds it very rewarding to be "a big boy" and help mommy with the other kids. I think it's making all the difference in the world. I think letting your child know what they can do to be helpful, and rewarding them ALOT when they are really works. They don't feel left out this way, and feel like it's THEIR baby too. I hope this helps some of you, and if it doesn't, let us know what does, because once this baby actually comes, who knows how he'll react, some extra input may make alot of difference.



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