Changing Catbox

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trinadan - May 28

is it really bad to change the catbox while pregnant, i have read that if you have had cats all your life that you would be immune to toxoplaximia... are there any women who changed the catbox while pregnant.. or there doctors told them it was ok.. thanks


kelley32 - May 28

I did through my whole last preganancy, and the baby was OK, I agree that if you have had cats your whole life that you are most likely immune. Also, if your cats are indoor cats, like mine, the chances are very slim.


lexa - May 28

I agree with kelley32! They do say that you build an immunity to it. I changed them the whole time with my first pregnancy and he also was fine! So far, I am doing it again with this one too. If you are really worried, just wear a pair of playtex gloves to do the job as a precaution.


krc - May 28

I am 30 weeks and have scooped kitty pooh for years !!! From my research and what my doc told me it goes like this. The virus that causes toxoplasmosis is found in cat feces. 1st the cat must be sick with the virus and if he has it he is only sick up to 3 weeks. And the person much physically touch the feces and have an open cut or scratch on their hand for the virus to enter your body. I read the only one in about 100,000 women actually get it. If you have strictly indoor cats that your pretty much 100% in the clear. It is typical of outdoor cats and most outdoor cats dont use litter boxes. I've read that women who do alot of gardening have a higher risk but we all know cats love to dig around in dirt and a gardener will most likely have cuts or scratches. And yes you get an immunity from it. If you grew up arund outdoor kitties you probably already caught the virus but had no symptoms. And it is like chicken dont get it again. You can also get toxoplasmosis from raw meat...if the animal had the virus. So you see...the chances are pretty slim, people just freak out and scare us over every little thing. Keep on scoopin !!!


Ddvinson3 - May 30

I agree with what y'all are saying but my doc said that even though you've had them all your life and they are indoor cats there is still a chance. So she said if I wanted to risk it then fine! But she didn't advise it! But she did say if I had to change it then wear rubber cloves and a dusting mask.


mandee25 - May 31

My hubby has done it ever since I learned I was pregnant. Just to be safe......


Mandy1984 - May 31

Hey just thought I would add my 2 cents lol.. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have been v.nervous throughout this pregnancy as I m/carried last yr and lost my litle bot at 18 weeks, Anyways I got 2 kittens after my m/carriage and when I fell pregnant again I immediately started to enquire about Toxoplaximos.. First off, Cats are more than likely to be born with the virus then contract it, so it dosn't really matter if a cat is an indoor/outdoor cat it could still have th evirus. Also the virus can be transferred to humans through raw meat, water and other forms. Its more common from cats but wearing gloves and washing your hands well almost comletly ensures your chances of NOT getting the virus. Also it only costs around £65 (sterling) to get your cat tested,


cmfqueens - June 2

Just had to add... Its a big No No! From what I have heard. I have had my cat for tover two years and she has always benn indoors and up to date on shots. And we are also clean freaks! Well I found I was pregnant and then fopund out I had a parasite form the cat!!!! I freaked!!!!!!! to say the least. So just to be safe I would say have someone else do it for you. If not I would go to extremes and put on a mask and gloves, because when you pour the litter all those particals start to fly around in the air and you can breathe them in. Its just not safe. Besides cats step in thier own pee & poop and track it around from the litter box.... eww! I only have the cat because of my daughter. I would like to let her use the bathroom outside and just avoid the whole litter box thing. But then I don't want her eating lizards and getting sick or fleas.



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