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Ranya - July 13

I've never changed a diaper in my life but all the times I've watched someone do it, the mom was always facing the baby. Now I'm looking to buy a changing table for our nursery but all of them have the baby lying across from the person changing the diaper. Being a first time mom, isn't it awkward to change the baby from that angle?


E - July 13

I did not buy a changing table for that reason as well as the fact that I am uncomfortable changing my baby so high up. What if he fell? The what if was enough for me to say "no thanks". I bought a pad and a cover, and I change him on the floor, or on the bed. Honestly, I don't use the $25 pad most of the time. I find it easiest to change him in whatever room we happen to be in. I have diapers and wipes in locations:) If you don't buy a changing table, think of all the other things you can buy the baby:) I splurged on an expensive rocking chair from Pottery Barn Kids. It is called the Dream Rocker. It truly is!!


E - July 13

I meant I have wipes and diapers in 4 locations.


Julie - July 13

I used my changing table until my son was too big to fit on it. It was easier than getting down on the floor to change him and I got use to the angle. It was also easier to change his clothes. Once he got bigger and we changed him on the floor it was hard to keep him still. The dresser we bought had the built in changer on the top so it worked out well. It was more like a changing station I had a place to put the wipes, diapers, etc.


Beccah - July 13

I am preg with my first child, but I have worked at a nursery for about 2 years. It is SO much easier to change the child while he/she is facing you. We aren't getting a changing table. We are putting one of those pads on top of my husband's dresser drawers (the short, wide kind), and if THAT gets uncomfortable, we'll just change him on the floor. Changing tables are a WASTE OF MONEY! ((By the way!! if you have a boy, be careful b/c if he's facing you, it's easier to get a squirt in the face!! LOL))


Heidi - July 13

I didn't buy one either. I plan on using my bed, the couch, the floor, the kitchen table, whatever is there!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 13

It's very awkward. Save your money and do as E said, spend the extra on a nice rocking chair, you'll definitely get lots of use out of one. We just lay the baby on a towel on the floor or the couch. We also have diapers and wipes located throughout the house. Side note~ I can't think of the last time I actually changed one of my babies in their room :o)


E - July 13

so true tiff! the thought of going to his room for a change is funny to me! fyi - every room in the home will be taken over by your baby, lol !


KEEKEE - July 13

I used a changing table with both of my boys. I love having a changing table. I use it to keep diapers, baby supplies and wipes on the shelves. Changing table are great to use after my baby's bath too. You get use to the angle right away. Oh, the table have safety straps(always use them, a baby can roll off a bed). Its a nursery item that is still in use. Good luck with your decision!!!


Katharine - July 13

We used our changing table for almost every diaper change. My husband is 6'6", so it made it a lot easier for him. I also like the storage of it. Plus, it is "safer" to give raspberries on the tummy from the side, with less threat of being peed on!


Jodie - July 13

I had a change table for my second, but ended up turning an old desk into a change table, i simply placed a padded change mat on top, had plenty of space next to it for creams and other stuff and the draws i kept the diapers in :)


Kim - July 13

I love our changing son is now getting a bit to long for it, but we're still using it! We've used it for almost every diaper change, too. My sis-in-law doesn't use one, though. Everybody's different! I do like "E"'s idea about the rocker, we were lucky enough to get one as a gift from my parents...I LOVE it! Used it while pregnant, still use it even when my son isn't with me!! hahahaha


Kaz - July 13

Our change table has a bath under the top. The only time we use the "change table" is when we're finished with the bath, flip the lid down, lay her on it and dry her off. All diaper changing happens on the floor. I'm unco enough changing her facing her never mind standing next to her :O)


Ranya - July 14

Thank you so much for all the input, although it's difficult to make up my mind. I'm worried about changing the baby on the floor or the bed that I'll end up hurting my back when she gets heavier. I like the idea of having cabinets also to put away baby stuff. If we decide to have a versatile changing table made, how tall do babies get at say, 12-18 months?


Jbear - July 14

I had a changing table with my first baby, and I think I changed her on it maybe a dozen times. This time I've bought a pack and play that has the ba__sinette and changer. I'm going to change diapers on it until I'm recovered from the c-section and can get down on the floor easily. I've always found the floor to be the best place to change diapers, especially when the kid gets big enough to really struggle with you. Another good place to change the baby is on the bathroom counter, if you have a long countertop. You can buy a pad to put there, and you're close to the sink for those really messy changes.


Lynn - July 14

I just wanted to add that if for some chance you end up having a c-sec, the changing table will be a really big help as you won't have to bend over. I bought the table that also doubles as a dresser- this way it isn't a waste of money if I decide not to use it that much. It's a pretty far hike from the downstairs family room (where we will be most of the time I think) upstairs to the baby's room, so I also have an extra pad to keep downstairs for changing there. But after bath, first mornig, and middle of the night changes will happen in the baby's room.


Jessie V - July 14

I changing table I liked had a removable changing pad. Then it just looks like shelves. I have a dogs and don't want to change the baby on the floor. Target makes one that goes in the corner so you are facing the baby.



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