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Lindsey - March 14

Hi, I just started charting my temps today. My last af was February 13. I've also just started charting my cycles in January as well. I have a chart at and I don't seem to understand this chart! Today my temp was 97.3 F, I know I've already ovulated. My cycles are between 30-35 days. I should have af on March 17..(hopefully not) Anyways, I should've waited to chart my temps with my next cycle but I figured I'd start today. My question is..Does your temp dip b4 ovulation and then rise? and how do you know that the 'dip' is ovulation? I'm just afraid I may mistake a dip then the next day dip again. I'm sure I've confused you all! I'm sorry. If anyone has any info on this, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! Or do I have this charting thing all screwed up?


lindsey - March 14

oops. I mean my temp this am was 98.6 sorry.


J - March 14

I know you should take your temp first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Also you may want to pay attention to your v____al discharge. I know when I ovulate it gets thick like an egg white and then I know that I am ovulating.


lindsey - March 14

I've been taking my temp each a.m. b4 I get outta bed. Actually I keep it under my pillow just in case my 3yr old would get a hold of it. I've been keeping an eye on my cm, and today I thought I felt af coming, and when I went to the bathroom and wiped, there was a glob of cm. Should you have this 2-3 days b4 af? Also, it seems as though last monday I was ovulating. that would've been about 20 days since last period. I had lower pms cramping and my back was hurting also. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm so new to this charting and I'm also monitoring my body more carefully. Hopefully, I'll conceive soon! Thanks for your help. Any other info for me?


bumpity bump - March 14



stacey - March 16

hope you ttc that day you had the clump- that should have been your day (atleast one of them). Anyway, some people have dips when they ovulate, some don't. Also, your temp. rises after you ovulate. I also have a chart there. However, I am finding my preovulatory temps are high- 97.6-98.0. It's frustrating!


Lindsey - March 16

Stacy, it's very frustrating. I try to ask ?'s about how to determine when you about to O with your temps, but can't seem to get the answer. I ended up buying the book "Taking Charge of Your Ferility". Hopefully that will give me some insight.


Alicia - March 16

Not every woman has a pre-o dip and the best sign ovulation is about to happen is eggwhite cervical mucous, your body creates this to help the sperm travel better. You will know you o'd after the days of your temps being over the coverline (the highest pre-o temp you had, unless you were ill that day, etc). I used b/c I found it was much easier to chart that way than on my own, it even draws your coverline post o and if you have VIP membership (which I didn't but you get it for 30 days free I think) it will tell you when you are likely to be fertile based on cervical mucous if you chart that also (you can also put info about med's, opk's, etc in there). Reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good idea though, I learned a lot from it! Good luck and HTH!


stacey - March 17

That is a great book, it's how I started. I also do which charts for me- did the 30 days free and now bought 3 months. It's cheap and easier for me to see the pattern then me doing it myself (also helps that they do the coverline and tell you when likely to ovulate). I also had a trickier situation coming off of a miscarriage so it helps!!



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